Friday 18 November 2016

Siblings (November)

Midway through November already which means it is more than time for this months Siblings post. The cold and the dark have really set in, leaves are falling off the trees and our time outside is definitely dwindling so this months catch up is our latest trip up the park during the half term a few weeks ago before the rain began. 

It was just about warm enough to get away with not wearing coats and it seemed so long since we'd managed to get some girlie time together that I think until we were up there we hadn't quite realised how much this sort of time together was needed.

I always find it difficult when taking my brood up the park by myself as I of course want to be watching all of them but they have other ideas as being different they all enjoy going on different things. This is why I love our local park because we are normally quite lucky to have the place to ourselves making it easier for me to see what they are all up to.

It's funny how even the park makes their differently traits come out, you see who has more confidence to try new things, climbing up high etc. I can tell you that they are all braver than I was at their age.

What I love is that even though they are quite clearly individuals, they also love playing with each other too, encouraging each other to climb high, run faster etc.

Kids spend so much of their time on phones and computers these days that I think they forget the simple pleasures, just stepping out of the house and getting a bit of fresh air, exploring our surroundings. As much as I love snuggling up in Winter I do miss these moments of freedom, a sense of being a bit care free. I'm not looking forward to the day when they all become too old to enjoy these times.

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  1. Woe you are lucky to be able to have the park to yourselves sometimes. Ours is always really crowded but then I am lucky that I only have the one to keep an eye on.


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