Tuesday 6 December 2016

Counting Down to Christmas With #NumNomsAdvent

The count down to Christmas is well and truly under way. Every year my kids are lucky enough to get a selection of advent calendars. They normally receive one each and they also share an advent train which I fill with a range of small chocolates. This year the girls have been gifted a very different sort of advent calendar, it's a #NumNomsAdvent calendar. What they were lucky enough to receive was a parcel overflowing with 24 presents in an array of shapes and sizes.

What was nice about the package is that none of the gifts were numbered so my children were free to pick which one they'd like to open each day, of course the larger parcels were picked out first but you can see from the smiles on their faces below that each one was very much appreciated. Having four girls they've sorted out a little rota where they take turns each day opening up the next present and they have been very good at sharing the toys inside.

I was informed by my eldest that a few of the Num Noms have been either special or limited edition which has made them all the more excited to receive them because this is apparently "amazing". With eighteen more days to go the only problem I have is making them stick to opening just one a day (especially my youngest.). I'll be sharing with you a few more photos of just what my children have received over the festive period, perhaps giving you a few last minute gift ideas.

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