Friday 30 December 2016

Don't Look Back to the Past Instead Reach for the Future

As another year draws to a close I can't help but contemplate on the months that have now passed us by. At the start of 2016 I stated that I wasn't setting any resolutions for myself as I was always left disappointed when they weren't achieved and I am honestly glad that I made that decision. 

Yes I've put on weight over Christmas, of course there are still home improvements to be made and yet and my bank balance isn't as big as I'd like but do you know what, I have no regrets, what will be will be and I refuse to sit and get upset about the things that didn't happen, perhaps they just weren't meant to be.

In a year that took so many celebrities from us and bought us a new British prime minister and an interesting American president, the focus seems to be on all of the negative news stories instead of focusing on any sort of positives. A quote that I want to remember as 2017 begins is, 

"don't look back to the past, instead reach for the future"

I'm not going to lie, my year wasn't all hearts and roses, a lot of shitty stuff occurred but why dwell on the bad, I choose to let the positive shine through. In the same year that my eldest daughter passed the grammar test and my youngest started primary school, I could have stayed sad at the thought of my kids growing up but  I made the step to go back to work, volunteering at their primary school and in December being taken on as a midday supervisor.

We have a roof over our heads, our bills continue to be paid and we have a wonderful support unit of family and friends surrounding us and as a new year begins there is much to look forward to. For starters I'm starting an online course to hopefully make it possible for me to be a teaching assistant and my lovely grandparents will be celebrating their  

I've found that the older I become I'm learning to care less and to go with the flow. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason it's just sometimes those reasons aren't so clear in the moment, we all need to learn to have a little more patience. There is always a way of turning a seemingly bad/upsetting situation into a better one.

Here's to 2017,  let us not allow the past to dictate how we play out our future days, it is time to live in the moment, make the best of what each day throws our way and reach for those dreams that appear impossible.


  1. You could link this to Reasons to be cheerful! I've posted about the things that have made me happy this year

  2. Very well said. Reach for your dreams but go with the flow a little too ☺


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