Tuesday 24 January 2017

Find Your Own Way With Moana

My children were recently asked quite an important question from the lovely people at the Disney Store, if they could go anywhere just where would they sail to? The task at hand was to not only plan their mini adventure but to show you guys just how they would do it too. Now I'm sure you might know a certain Disney character that's been on a little adventure of her own recently.... that's right Moana, she was here to lend a helping hand with them finding their way across the seas.

We received a fantastic package of toys from the Disney Store which would become props in their newest adventure.

When I asked my girls just where they would like to sail to their answer was quite a sweet one. My husband's Dad is married to a lovely German woman named Gabi and of course her parents live in Germany. Timing and money issues mean that as of yet we have been unable to get over to their country and visit their home so this is somewhere that my daughters thought would be nice to imagine going to.

I was more than a little impressed with how they put together their little scenes, limited resources meant that it wasn't the most technical but I think it is the imagination that expands it all really now isn't. With a boat made out of paper and pencils, an atlas to guide their way and beautiful scenery filled that they painted and coloured, Moana and her crew set out on their adventure to find Germany and they told me the story as they went.

The journey started in our home town in Kent and all started quite well, calm waters and lovely scenery, trees and flowers, they thought their travels would be calm and enjoyable and they were.

There was talk about what they would do when they reached their chosen country, of course visiting Rudiger and Franzi but the kids being my kids had dreams of all the food and drink they could have when they arrived.

But suddenly 5miles before Germany, the waves started crashing down and the winds picked up,  a storm was definitely brewing, would they make it to their chosen destination?


After worrying hours they made it to land, safe and a tad wet. Now the trouble is they didn't ask for Gabi's parents address before they left.....

If you're little ones are huge Moana fans just like my lot are, why not head over to the Disney Store's Facebook page and enter the competition they have running right now to win a fantastic Moana prize bundle. Perhaps your child/ren can then create a sailing adventure of their very own.

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