Friday 27 January 2017

Little Loves January

Last year I began a series of posts showcasing my favourite things each month, well in 2017 I've given these posts a new title in the shape of little loves to coincide with the linky over on Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat. So without further ado here are my January loves.


I am quite the book worm so reading is something I do regularly, making it hard to pick out just one book, it was a toss up between two this month but in the end I chose I Was Here by Gayle Foreman. This is the story of Cody and just what she does after her best friend Meg commits suicide. It's a novel filled with friendship, lots of emotion and ends up being a journey of self discovery. You can read my full review over on Goodreads.



This is something that technically I am watching but I'm watching whilst exercising. Last year I got inspired by Joe Wicks, his HIIT workouts and the meals he was putting together, it kickstarted my healthier living journey and it's something I've stuck to (not rigidly) ever since. So when he released his first exercise DVD at the end of last year, it was pre-ordered instantly. 

It's been used a lot since the start of January and I've also been joining in with his live bootcamp over on his Facebook page, definitely one to watch!



My lovely mum bought me the Shawn Mendes CD for Christmas, I'm so down with the kids lol. I've popped it onto my iTunes playlist and it may have been played a little (a lot) when I have had a child free moment or two.



Ok technically this was from December but as I'm only just joining in now I really wanted to show off my very first Christmas cake. I've always bought from the shop in the past but was determined to give it a go myself. Using a recipe from the very trusty Mary Berry, I started soaking the fruit 4 weeks before Christmas. Once the cake was made a week later it got fed with brand weekly until 2 days before Christmas when I attempted to decorate it.

I was pleasantly surprised when everyone told me how good it tasted, even my fussy husband liked it, he took to eating it for breakfast. This year I'll be trying to make my own Christmas pudding.



Who bought stuff in the Lush sale? I definitely did, can't resist a bargain and getting these products at 50% off is money well saved. I bought, soaps, bath bombs and bubble bars but I think absolute my favourite purchase has to be their Fairy Dust dusting powder, smells wonderful and leaves you all glittery, love wearing this when I'm going on a night out.


And Lastly

It has been birthdays galore this month, my older brother turned 33, my mum got another year old and we celebrated by going out for dinner, my second eldest went from being 8 to 9 although I'm sure she's already a teenager, my gorgeous godson is now a cheeky 5 year old oh and it might just be my birthday today.

Happy January everyone, I hope you've all had a fab start to the new year.


  1. I've been meaning to read Gayle Forman for the longest time! It sounds like there has been lots of celebrations in your family this month - fun! I hope you have a lovely weekend and rest of month.

  2. That is ny favourite from Lush too, it smells divine! That cake looks fantastic too #littleloves

  3. I need to find that book! And I LOVE Lush... Haven't been in one in a couple years now, I think it's high time to go again ;) #PoCoLo

  4. That book sounds really good! Definietly one to add to the list. I wanted to get that dvd but wasn't sure if I'd be able to keep up with it as I'm so unfit, think I might start with his youtube beginners videos and go from there. My 15 year old got me into Shawn Mendes, he's suprisingly good. Love your cake, it looks fab! Have a good week :-)

  5. You Christmas cake looks good! I've not read anything by Gayle Forman, heard mixed reviews. Enjoy your weekend xx

  6. That Lush dusting powder sounds lovely and you xmas cake looks fab!! Popping over from #PoCoLO

  7. Oh I was thinking of trying this Joe workout dvd you will have to tell me more about it. I have his recipes and really have helped me make healthier meals. Hope you are having a good weekend. #littleloves

  8. Like the look of the book and interested to read about the Fairy Dust - every girl needs it don't they?! My daughter is mad about Snow Fairy from Lush which I think has a similar smell and is only available at Christmas. Shame it takes her a year to get through it. She's a bit of a soap dodger! #PoCoLo

  9. Love the look of that cake. Happy Birthday. #PoCoLo

  10. Well Done for making your own Christmas cake, next year I am determined to make my own Christmas pudding, I left it too late this year! xx

  11. I do love the lush products but never buy any, and that cake looks delicious, is it wrong that I just like the icing? I hope you're having a good week. Commenting on behalf of Morgana and myself

  12. The Christmas cake looks fab, and I like the idea of just watching fitness DVDs just as a warm-up :) Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo


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