Tuesday 28 February 2017

Chicago Town Pizzas, the Little Superhero in Your Freezer

I'm very lucky that my children aren't fussy eaters, they will generally eat anything that is given to them but what they don't like is having to wait when they are hungry. As a mum what I struggle with sometimes is making food that doesn't take a long time to cook and with a large family I like to have leftovers that can be used in meals on other days too. Now there is a little superhero in the freezer that fits the bill and that's Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizzas.


Available in a range of flavours including cheese, pepperoni and club chicken, a flavour for everyone whether you are a meat lover or if you enjoy the plainer things in life. Coming in packs of two, these individual pizzas can be a real lifesaver when you are in a rush to prepare something and you should know that they are definitely not just for dinner.


What appeals to me about this range is that although they can be cooked in the oven, they can also be prepared in the microwave, ready in just three minutes. They even come with little silver microwave plates which double up as normal plates when done, I know what you are thinking, no washing up, bloody brilliant!


As I mentioned yes these pizzas are a quick and easy idea for dinner, you can see in the picture below one of my children tucking in, if you are short on time they can be a lifesaver, bit of salad on the side and you're done but they are brilliantly versatile so can be used at other times too. Here's just a couple of ideas for you all :


Picnics, ok I know that it hasn't really been the whether of late but Spring is coming. In the mean time what about an indoor picnic, why not get creative and build a den, can be a mini adventure.


In your packed lunch. I like to cut the pizzas in half which means just one box of the Chicago Town Deep Dish pizzas feeds all four of my children for lunch. A great size for lunch boxes and lets be honest who can resist a slice of cold pizza.


Finally these little packs of joy make for a perfect movie night snack. No need to pay the high prices of a takeaway and no having to wait for a delivery driver to arrive with your food.


There we have it. Whether you fancy a slice of pizza for dinner, lunch on the run or an easy to prepare snack, these pizzas really can be the superhero that you need. And with the Chicago Town money back guarantee which you can find on their site you really can't go wrong.

Are your kids a fan of pizza, how would they enjoy a Chicago Town pizza? Why not share your ideas on social media using the hashtag #NotJustForDinner

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