Friday 24 February 2017

Little Loves February

Another month has officially flown by. More birthday celebrations, Valentine's day and a wedding anniversary have been celebrated. It has been busy as usual and packed with lots of memories and of course little loves.



You all know I love a good read. One of my favourites from this last month was one from Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is fantasy and at its best, this author manages to create worlds that expand your imagination and really draw you in!


An absolute favourite for both myself and my husband last month was The Crown on Netflix. It was an interesting watch and actually had us researching more behind the history of the Royals as we watched. There was a lot that we didn't know.


Something that I heard was my now seven year old daughter singing and African song with the rest of her class. It was fantastic how they managed to learn all of the words and sing together. They've been learning all about Africa and the country's cultures etc and this was a great way to showcase something that they'd learned.



Ok technically this happened at the end of last month but I really wanted to show off my latest cake creation. My nine year old requested a cupcake cake for her birthday and I was determined to make it rather than simply buy one. She is really partial to pic n mix so it was of course decorated in sweets.



I really wanted these shoes from ASOS but when I finally had the money for them they had sold out, how lucky was I to find them on eBay and £10 cheaper than on ASOS too. Got to love a bargain!

And lastly...


I just wanted to show off this lovely piece of stationery from Busy B. I've always been terrible at remembering birthdays and with so many more being added each year I thought it was finally time to start writing them all down. This folder not only allows me to keep track of all of the dates, it also has pockets to allow me to store birthday cards bought in advance.

What have you all been loving this month, care to share in the comments below?


  1. I loved the Crown. I was so late to the party with that one but managed to binge watch it in a few days! Cannot edit for season two. Love a good bargain. I adore that Birthday diary! Have a wonderful weekend #LittleLove

  2. Love the cupcake and a beautiful diary. #littleloves

  3. That cake is incredible, well done!! I haven't picked up any Neil Gaiman books but I am constantly seeing people recommend him. Must sort that out soon :) #littleloves

    1. Definitely do, I'd highly recommend starting with Neverwhere.

  4. Love that cupcake! The Crown is brilliant, can't wait for the 2nd series. Have a great weekend!

  5. The cake looks amazing, and delicious! Also, I love your new birthday book, especially the fact that you can store the cards in there also - how handy! I hope you have a lovely March!

  6. Oo wow those shoes are incredible and the cake looks amazing! Can't beat a sweet topped cake :) #LittleLoves

    Helen x

  7. Those shoes are absolutely devine! And I bet your daughter was over the moon with her cake. I definitely need to get on top of birthdays... I even thought about writing them out for the year to try and get me better prepared. Hmmm!

  8. That cake looks so good, I may be a little obsessed with pic n mix myself! I hopr you've had a lovely weekend x #littleloves

  9. That cake looks absolutely delicious. YUM You are very creative. Love the shoes. The Crown is amazing for sure!! #littleloves

  10. Those shoes! And that cake! Both amazing :) My 5yo would absolutely love them, I will show her tomorrow when she wakes up...

  11. Neil Gaiman is a great writer and I like the birthday book. I always forget my fathers birthday date so try to have things prepared for the first date in mind. #littleloves

  12. The Crown is stunning isn't it? I was fascinated by it and found myself googling poor Princess Margret to find out more about her story.
    Loving the unicorn shoes! xx

  13. I loved watching The Crown on Netflix, I think I have watched the series at least three times!

  14. Love the pick n mix cake - looks fab, bet it was a hit. And you can't bet some pretty stationery either - thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x

  15. That cake looks yummy! And those shoes are awesome - I want some! ;)
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo
    (sorry for the epically late comment!)


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