Wednesday 1 February 2017

Num Noms Are Back With Series 3 and Lights

Those cute little Num Noms are back with a brand new collection in the shape of series 3 as well as their first set of light up Num Noms. My girls had the pleasure of joining in with the Num Noms advent in December and their collection has significantly grown since then. We even have the fantastic Art Cart.


So what can you expect from series 3? Well the sets include Veggie Nums, Marshmallow Nums, Donut Nums, Fruit Nums, Candy Nums and Fiest Food Nums. Whilst the Noms still have the fab stamp its, they have changed the lip glosses slightly by making them 2 flavoured and you can now collect some adorable erase-it noms.


We received a set of the Marshmallow Noms which had the following inside : Sara Smores, Bella Bubblegum, Rachel Raspberry (she glitters!) and the mallow erase-it. These all smell wonderfully sweet and the eraser is of course rather handy. 


And of course the best thing about the new Num Noms is that you can mix and match them with them with all the previous series to create even more flavour combinations!


You can see the video below showing just how the new Num Noms Lights work, my girls found these great fun to play with in the dark.
My second youngest has got a birthday coming up and she's already requested more of these and she's also got her eye on the oh so cute surprise jar which comes complete with a wonderfully soft Num Noms cuddly toy.

Are your kids fans of Num Noms? How big is their collection so far? 

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