Sunday 5 March 2017

My Sunday Photo 2017 #10

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going out to dinner with a lot of my family to celebrate my nan and grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary. It was lovey to have so many of us altogether at one time as usually that only seems to happen oh so rarely these days.

With everyone dressed up so nicely I wanted to capture my girls all together, I seem to rarely get them in a photograph as a group, but my attempts didn't quite go to plan... Funny faces, not looking at the camera, I guess you could say I got some candid photos.


  1. Great photos! I always like to get photos of my kids together for special occasions too, but it's hard to get them all facing the camera! Is your no2 daughter as tall (or taller) than your eldest?

    1. I think so, I hadn't noticed til this photo but she seems to have had a growth spurt lol

  2. Aww they look beautiful, I always struggle to get a photo of all of mine together

  3. They all look beautiful and so full of life and character, much better than the forced smile doing as you are told photos to me #MySundayPhoto

  4. Lovely collection of photos, we never get one with them looking the right way

    Thank you for linking up

  5. Aww! Your girls are such characters. They are all looking so grown up! Eek! x


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