Wednesday 12 April 2017

How to Play the Disney Princess Trading Card Game

Last week I shared with you a review of the brand new Disney Princess trading card game from Topps. My girls have spent a lot of time entertaining themselves with them and now I'm going to share with you just how to play the trading card game.


To play the game you need at least two players although it can be played with up to six people at a time., at least 8 Disney Princess trading card game cards each and a game mat (which has two sides) to place the winning cards on to when won. 

Special cards can be used in a game but as they have some of the highest scores on them you can only use two during a game so it is worth remembering to pick your princesses ever so wisely, you don't want to use up your specials to early in a game.


The main aim of the game is to collect a set of five princess symbols before your opponent, each of the five symbols must be different of alternatively they must all five be the same. The symbols to collect are castle, flower, bird, heart and butterfly


In order to collect the symbols, each player must compare the kindness and bravery statistics on their cards, you can't play kindness against bravery it must be kindness versus kindness and bravery versus bravery with the highest stat winning each each round.

If a card has been won it must be placed on the game mat. You will see that the mat has the same symbols on it as the cards, so the winning card must be put face up on its coinciding symbol upon the game mat. If you lose a round you card must then be placed at the bottom of your pile.

When it comes to deciding which category to battle with you must go for the highest rating on your card and if it ends up being a draw both players win that round and they can both place their cards on to the game mat.


Using the mat means that it is clear to see when you have completed your set, either five different symbols across the game mat or five of the same symbol going downwards. This is my opinion is a good idea as it stops any unwanted cheating from happening.

Now if you thought this game sounded too easy, there is an advanced version of the game which can be played when you flip over your game mat. This is when your stand up cards from your starter pack are to be used.


The aim of the advanced game is to collect as many of the stand up cards in the middle of the mat as possible. Do this by collecting five cards of the same symbol before your opponent does. You need to include at least 3 different Disney Princess films and 5 cards of each symbol in your deck.

I'd say that the game play is essentially the same but it lasts longer than the original Disney Princess trading card game as you need to collect more cards in order to win those stand up cards in the centre of the game mat.

Whatever version of the game you decide to play with your friends or family, this game is highly amusing and is what I'd like to call good old fashioned family entertainment. So share out those cards and let the race begin.

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