Wednesday 3 May 2017

The Magic of My Name Book Review

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know that I am a sucker for a personalised gift and even more so when that gift happens to be a book. The Magic of My Name book definitely fits this description. It is a book that is filled with a unique story, one that discovers the magic behind the letters of a special someones' name.


So what's it all about. This is a book that invites the recipient of the book to become the protagonist.When you head to the site you will have the option to choose a boy or a girl to feature in the tale, you can edit their physical characteristics to suit the recipient  along with the name that you would like featured.

For this review I chose my youngest daughter Layla. Each name put in will generate a fully customised story which is unique to them. After the initial set up you then have the option of writing a personalised dedication, you can of course use the template of wording that they provide if you prefer.


These books are aimed at children aged from 0-8, it can be used to read to them when they are younger and as they learn to put letters and words together, eventually they could be reading the story back to you. Each book is guaranteed to be at least 38 pages long but could be longer depending on the name chosen. I found it to be the perfect bed time reading material.

I read a few pages each night to my daughter, the words on the page and the magical illustrations that accompanied them instilled a feeling of wonder, giving the tools needed to make someones imagination really take hold. This is one of those stories that goes to show just how powerful books can really be.


As the story progresses you are taken on an adventure, meeting different people, learning about the idea of team work, friendship and experiencing all sorts of feelings as you begin to piece together the meaning behind your name. Your child essentially becomes the hero, this is a clever piece of literature that will have you feeling nothing but wonderful by the end.

My youngest is 4 and whilst reading to her I found the book was also a great teaching tool in the way of helping with letter recognition, she mostly works in lower case but in the book the name is spelt using capital letters so it really helped with recognising those. An added bonus to something already well worth it's money.


Available in either hardback or paperback, The Magic of My Name book is an inspiring personalised gift, one that can be read time and time again, one that should definitely be treasured. Filled with unique content that will have children feeling proud when they hear their name called. Reasonably priced and easy to order, it is a book that comes highly recommended for me.


  1. This looks so cute! I love a personalised book, BookBairn is still a little young to understand it yet but when she's older we will want lots! #readwithme

  2. This sounds lovely. I should remember to get something like this for my niece for her birthday/ Christmas (which are annoyingly at the same time of year, so she will have a long wait!).

  3. I had these on the Christmas list for Kaycee and Ella last year but I never got round to ordering them. I'll be getting them this year!

  4. This looks a lovely book. So nice with the personal touch

  5. This looks very sweet and it's great to hear that it's helping your daughter with letter recognition too. #readwithme

  6. I need to get some personalised books - we don't have any!!! I know it's a shocker given how many books we own! On a serious note this would be so useful for my little boy's letter recognition! #readwithme

  7. This looks lovely. I love personalised books. They really help to draw a child into the story and make the book their own :)


  8. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of personalised books, maybe the ones I came across as a child were just a bit gimmicky, but this one looks so lovely I'm revising my stance! #ReadWithMe

  9. A lovely book- I haven't got my boys personalised books yet but it is a great idea for a Birthday or Christmas! #readwithme


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