Monday 26 June 2017

Read With Me #26 2017

Hi there lovely readers and welcome to this weeks Read With Me, how are we in the last week of June already?


According to my Goodreads target I've read 38 of my 52 book target, my previous years targets were significantly higher so I really have slowed down my reading pace this year. How many books have you read in 2017 so far?

My favourite post last week came from the lovely Kate over at Along Came Poppy with her review of the inspiring My Little Big Book of Freedoms .

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Read With Me

Happy reading


  1. That is a lot less reading than usual for you! I think I'm on my 17th or 18th book, which puts me on target to reach the same number as last year - 34.

    1. Definitely noticing the difference juggling work, volunteering and course-work as well as parenting etc

  2. It's really inspiring to see how many books you are reading and makes me want to up my reading :-) I love your reviews :-)

  3. You put me to shame! Thank you for picking my review for last week's fave :)

  4. I've read 28 of my 52 books Goodreads challenge. I'm ahead of my goal but I reckon that once the kids start the summer holidays I may fall behind!


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