Friday 7 July 2017

MOKURU - The Latest Fidget Toy Craze?

MOKURU, it is advertised as 'the amazing desk toy', but could it be the latest in the fidget toy craze that's taken our nation by storm? Well my children and I were recently sent a MOKURU of our own to test out so I might just have the answer to that question. But another question first...

What is MOKURU?

Created by Mr. Masakazu Node, in simple terms it is a desk top toy, created from a quality beech wood, it is something that's relatively easy to use but with endless possibilities to its game play, it requires a certain amount of skill and focus to become a master.

In Japan, “wood” translates to “moku”, and “flipping” translates to “kuru”. That’s how we came up with the name, “MOKURU”.

I'll admit when we received our MOKURU in the post both myself and my kids looked at it with much confusion, we weren't sure what it was or how to use it and if I'm honest I didn't expect much enjoyment to come from using it.

Why use MOKURU?

Well like a fidget spinner, MOKURU can give you a sense of satisfaction, the way it's designed allows you to build on your hand-eye coordination/collaboration and it provides a something to concentrate on. It can be a good stress reliever.

“ Don't create toys that are safe and easy to play, create toys that can bring joy and happiness. “

We began by watching videos on You Tube and once we'd figured out the basics, let me tell you it gets very addictive, very fast indeed. From simple flips, building up to using both hands, the possibilities seemed to grow the more we played.

How to play MOKURU

The trick we found was to be gentle, if you push to hard MOKURU would simply topple over. From left to right, up and down and even moving it around drawing shapes, whether using basic, advanced or expert moves, you can be as creative as you like, you can even use two of them together.

Play by yourself, play with friends, the decision is yours!

My girls found themselves competing with each other to see how many flips they could do. We then began working in pairs, flipping MOKURU between us, and if you wanted to keep things easy you could simply spin it round, witnessing just how fast/how long it can turn around. You can see our failed attempts in the video below:

Where to purchase MOKURU from

Available in seve different colours: blue, orange, white, black, yellow, green or red, MOKURU can be bought from Smyths Toys and Amazon. If you liked fidget spinners then in answer to my original question at the start of this post, yes MOKURU could definitely be the latest fidget craze to sweep the nation.


  1. Something so simple is bound to become the latest craze. This is something my girls would love. #PoCoLo

  2. It looks quite tactile and can imagine it being quite soothing in a strange kind of way - thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x


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