Wednesday 26 July 2017

Mosaics Mini From Brainstorm - Review

The Summer holidays have arrived and of course this now means finding some suitable entertainment for the kids in those moments where they come up to me with the dreaded phrase, "I'm bored." Now if you're looking for ideas something you might not have considered yet are Mosaics Mini from Brainstorm.

What are Mosaics Mini?

These are all inclusive kits that include over 200 sparkly adhesive foam tiles in many colours which children can the stick on to the co-ordinating colour coded picture. There are a range of pictures to choose from: unicorn, kitten, dragon, angel fish and dolphin.

Designed for kids aged three years and above, they are the perfect entertainment for a rainy day or when you're struggling to come up with solutions to fill the hours in the day.

How do the Mosaics Mini work?

As stated above each kit comes with over 200 tiny tiles and a picture on which to affix them to. It really is as simple as peel, stick and create. Each image is colour coded so your child/ren should be able to independently stick the foam tiles to the picture board.

We were sent both the kitten and the angel fish to have fun with and that's just what my 4 and 7 year olds did. They worked both independently and together to complete the pictures and even had spare tiles left so that they could create a mini mosaic of their own.

Why buy Mosaics Mini?

Because the tiles are quite tiny it is a great way to encourage the development of both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. I'll admit I struggled with my long nails to actually stick the tiles on properly.

And you really get your moneys worth out of these because not only do children get a sense of accomplishment from creating something themselves, the completed creations can then be displayed around the home or even given to someone else as a gift.

Use them at home of even pop them in a bag and take them on your travels as they can be used as you travel, whether that be on the journey to your day out/holiday destination or as something to do for those quiet moments when away.

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