Monday 10 July 2017

Read With Me #28 2017

Hello you lovely lot and welcome to this weeks Read With Me. Only 2 weeks left of the school term here and I'm quite looking forward to reading with the kids freely without the pressure of having to heard them read if that makes any sense?


After spending a lot of time reading American Gods which was 635 pages long I did think about having a break but I moved straight onto Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare which was even longer, 700 pages to be precise but as a huge fan of the shadowhunter novels I was desperate to see what happened in the latest instalment. Anyone else a fan of this series?

My favourite post last week came from Booksquirms with their use of the book Spinderella, a great way to entice children to get counting.

On to the link up. Newbies do look at the Read With Me page, regulars get linking (max of 2 posts/videos), comment on a couple of other posts and perhaps consider displaying my badge of linking back somehow.

Read With Me

Happy reading.


  1. That was my favourite post too, so many great ideas!

  2. It's been a couple of years now since I've had to listen to my kids read, thank goodness! I always find I read much less in the summer holidays as all my peace is interrupted by the kids! I need to find a book which is not too taxing to read over the holidays as I can only read a few pages a day and don't want to keep forgetting the plot!

  3. WOW you are getting through a lot of pages! I'd never manage that many! Well done! x

  4. I've just spotted this - thank you so much, you're very kind. Sorry to have missed #28, but was sunning it up on hols. Back this week and excited to see what everyone's posting.


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