Sunday 13 August 2017

My Sunday Photo 2017 #33

Last week my husband happened to have a rare weekend off of work. We tried to make the most of our time by filling in to the max with outings, generic things like the park and swimming as well as places we hadn't been before. 

One of those places happened to be Leeds Castle. Considering t is only a 45 minute drive from us I'm not sure why we hadn't been before. Pay once and you have entry for the whole year so we've already decided we will be making our way back for the Christmas markets in December.

Anyway, here is a shot I got of the castle on my phone as we walked towards it, I think the clouds around it give it an almost dramatic effect.


  1. A place we need to go visit. Looks very moody and medieval in this shot!

  2. Oh I'ld love to explore there!

  3. I'd love to visit Leeds Castle, I've only ever been as close as the signs from the motorway! Hope yo0u had a lovely day there

  4. That looks a fantastic place to visit. I hope you had a great time x

  5. It's beautiful! I'd heard of Leeds Castle, but never been there. But it is quite a long way away from us!

  6. Leeds castle is quite close to us but we have never visited.

    Thank you for linking up


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