Wednesday 23 August 2017

Pie Face Sky High Review

When Pie Face first came out it was a huge hit, not just in my house but everywhere, it was one of the must have games so when I was given the opportunity to review the latest edition, Pie Face Sky High, I knew my kids would be rather happy with me.


What is Pie Face Sky High?

The concept of the game is still the same, the aim is to get pie on your opponents face in order to score points but this time instead of turning a dial, this time you get to hit a target to see if you can actually pie your friend.


Included in the box is:

* 4 track pieces
* sliding disk
* pie thrower
* throwing arm
* chin rest
* 2 splash card panels
* splash card mask
* plastic hammer
* spinner with arrow and base
* instructions


How to play Pie Face Sky High

Setting up the game is quite easy, simply follow the instructions to slot the pieces together. You then pick a player to look through the mask. 


* The spinner determines the difficulty level (easy, medium, hard) and how many swings of the hammer you get. 

* If you manage to pie your opponent you collect 1 point on your turn.


* First player to reach 3 points wins.

The game could be enjoyed by all my kids whose ages range from 5 up to 11 and they had their uncle joining in in no time, it provided a lot of laughs. 


Should you buy Pie Face Sky High

Just like it's predecessors, this game is hours of fun for all ages. It creates a little light hearted competition as to who can swing the hammer the hardest and even if you happen to end up with pie (squirty cream) on your face you're a winner because well you get to eat the cream. 


The only downside I found to playing it was having to clean up after we'd finished because the cream goes everywhere!

This is a game that we've managed to play many times without any arguments, it is one that will be on many Christmas lists this year. So in answers to the question should you buy Pie Face Sky High, ABSOLUTELY YES.

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