Saturday 14 October 2017

Luvabella Interactive Doll from Spinmaster Review

I'm sure it hasn't escaped your attention that one of THE MUST HAVE toys this Christmas is the brand new interactive doll, Luvabella. But if you've been living under a rock for last couple of months let me tell you all about this clever toy...


What is Luvabella?

The toy is made by Spin Master - the company behind last year's Christmas sell-out, Hatchimals and Luvabella is set to sell out just as fast this year. This doll really does come to life, she can play, she can eat and she talk.


Available in four different designs including the highly anticipated Luvabeau which is available exclusively at Toys R Us, this doll is realistic and a great way to engage all children through nurture and play.

Coming complete with four different accessories: dummy, bottle, toy and spoon, and with the doll being able to make 500 unique responses, children are given a chance to become absolutely engrossed in imaginative play.

How does Luvabella work?

Parents will be pleased to know that Luvabella comes complete with an off switch (you can all breathe a sigh of relief now). She can speak either French or English depending on which way you slide the switch and a nice addition is that you also have the ability to have her saying mama or dada.

Once batteries are installed (4 x C 1.5v are needed, they're not included so make sure you have them ready), there are 5 different modes of play depending on what accessory is used:

Autonomous: This mode is when Luvabella isn't being played with, she happily entertains herself but after a while of no play she will go into sleep mode.

Animal accessory: This mode is when you use her toy to play with her, here she will learn new animal names and sounds, even kissing her toy.


Spoon accessory: My girls love this mode, you can sit her in a high chair or perhaps on your lap and feed her, they were amazed when she said blueberry and that's not the only food she knows.

Luvabella Love Comes To Life

Bottle accessory: Want baby to take a nap? Bring the bottle to her mouth when it is open and watch her begin to close her eyes but don't forget to burp her!


Dummy accessory: If Luvabella cries you can use the dummy to sooth her, use the same approach as with the bottle (never force accessories in her mouth).

Of course you can play even more without the accessories, get involved in a game of peek-a-boo or entertain your baby by tickling her tummy and her feet, can I just say she has the cutest laugh ever in my opinion.

The more you play with Luvabella the more she will learn, her responses will change and her communication will gradually improve, it's almost like she goes from being a baby to a toddler, for your little ones it will be as though they perhaps have a baby sibling growing up.


And a bonus feature is that Luvabella yawns and says "so so tired", when her batteries are low, saving any upset if she were to suddenly fall silent.

You can see this this clever doll in action in my video over on You Tube, watch Luvabella get interactive.

How much does Luvabella cost?

Luvabella comes with a recommended price of £99.99, so I guess the question you are all asking is, is she worth the money? In a word, YES. The fact that Luvabella is unpredictable means that each and every time your child plays with her will be a new experience.


This is a doll that appeals to both boys and girls and will have you literally saying "aaaaaaa" with all the surprise reactions she makes. My 5 and 7 year olds have fallen head over heels in love with her, putting her to bed with them, keeping her with them even when watching TV.


Recommended for children 4+, if your kids have requested this doll for Christmas it is in your best interests to give the kids what they want. Check in with your favourite retailers for the most up to date availability.

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  1. We are huge fans of Luvabella here. She is such a fantastic doll and more x


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