Wednesday 4 October 2017

Tired Mama Collection Sweatshirt Review

With Autumn well and truly here, the cosy jumpers have been dug out and if I wasn't feeling tired, I definitely am now. Whilst the kids are all about wearing wellies and jumping in muddy puddles and piles of leaves, I'm quite happy curled up in-front of the fire with my comfiest clothes on. And lets be honest as a parent I don't have an abundance of time to brush my hair, let alone put out-fits together these days. This is where new brand The Tired Mama Collection can help.


Who are The Tired Mama Collection?

This stylish collection of clothing was devised by the lovely Danielle, a fellow tired mama. With jumpers and tees to match your favourite favourite ripped jeans (or in my case leggings). Made with high blends of cotton, and on trend fits, this selection of sweatshirts and t-shirts all have a unique design with very apt slogans.


Can't decide if I need a hug, an XL coffee or 2 weeks sleep? 

Why wear The Tired Mama Collection?

Quite simply put, the clothing is trendy, comfy and effortless. Available in a neutral range of colours: grey, navy white and black, there is a design, colour and style to suit everyone, combined with your favourite pair of trainers, this collection is a simple way to complete a look. I ordered my sweatshirt in a size 10 and it's the perfect fit.


Physically, mentally, emotionally tired!

Where can I find The Tired Mama Collection?
Easy, take a look at their website here and join the tired mama tribe (because we're all in this together aren't we!). With prices from £15.80 for a vest up to £26.80 for a jumper, these items are well worth the money you spend on them. And then where you're top with pride and when another mama tells you their tiring woes they can look and know they're not alone.  


I especially like to wear mine on a Monday morning, accompanied by my best friend, coffee. I think realistically, I need one for every day of the week. 

I sleep less I'm tired, I sleep more I'm tired.

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