Friday 17 November 2017

Must Haves For Christmas in the Hazelden Household

With only four more Fridays after this until Christmas I thought I'd share with you what my girls and I are considering must haves for Christmas. The toys they already have and are recommending to you and the ones that are on their lists in the hopes that Santa might be kind enough to pop them down our chimney.

So lets start off small. Think stocking fillers.

Here's one for the adults. I'm thinking retro with TOP TRUMPS, a classic game that I used to love playing as a child and it is definitely making a come-back. A great card game to play on Christmas afternoon as dinner settles.


And for the kids how about Hatchimals colleggtibles. The new Hatchimals surprise can be way out of budget for some people but the colleggtibles make a more affordable alternative.


The toys that my kids are recommended include:

Luvabella, you can read my full review here but all I can say is you definitely get your moneys worth with this one, she has been played with non-stop since arriving in our house.


My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle. Any fan of My Little Pony needs this pony, again a bit pricey but she really is all singing all dancing making a highly entertaining toy. If she wasn't so big my youngest would be taking her to bed with her every night.

magical-princess-twilight sparkle

And she doesn't just sing, she tells stories, offers some lovely advice about friendship, watch Twilight interacting in this video and the added bonus for my girls is that they can spend time styling her mane and tail.

Now the other toy that my youngest two are dying to get their hands on is the LOL Surprise Big Surprise, this is a tricky one to get hold of as it seems to be on everyone's Christmas lists. It must be some surprise for £60!


One for the gamers if you can get your hands on it is the Super Nintendo Classic Mini, this was my favourite games console so I'm hoping to get one for the kids (and myself!). It is gaming which appeals to the whole family, young and old.


Talking of games, a Christmas can't go by without getting a new board game and this year I have my eye on Game of Things, one to play once the kids have gone to bed.

Oh and I'm sneaking one in here, because Christmas isn't complete without some booze to get you merry now is it. How about good spiced rum or a flavoured gin (gin is all the rage this year!), you can find these and a great selection of other wines and spirits at


What's everyone else's must have Christmas gifts this year?


  1. Great picks. We have Princess Twilight Sparkle and she is brilliant, the kids love her. IO also have Game of Things and it is brilliant too #pocolo

  2. Only FOUR Fridays? That's put a rocket up my bum! My kids are still very young so apart from a bike for the eldest, he's not getting much apart from what he needs! Same for my 9-month-old. #PoCoLo

  3. Wish some the kids toys were available when I was around. Great list.PoCoLo

  4. Great list - and you can't beat top trumps can you? Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  5. Great list of gifts hun, my youngest loves Top Trumps. :)
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo


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