Sunday 5 November 2017

My Sunday Photo 2017 #45

This last week has seen the temperatures really drop and with the clocks going back and the darkness setting in, it is definitely feeling more like winter and less like autumn. 

So here's a little autumnal offering in the shape of Jack Skeleton and a sort of Harry Potter pumpkin, all carved by my lovely husband with a multi-tool no less.



  1. Love the Harry Potter one! Great carvings :) #MySundayPhoto

  2. They look great, such a fun thing to do. The pigs have jut had the last of ours.

  3. Very good! I carved my first pumpkin this year (with a kitchen knife) and it was flipping hard work! It didn't exactly look brilliant either.

  4. Love the carvings, love the Harry Potter one

    Thank you for linking up

  5. They look fab! I love the Harry Potter one x


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