Wednesday 1 November 2017

Saving Space With Joseph Joseph Nest Colanders

You know you're getting old when you get excited over kitchen appliances and accessories and for me that day definitely came when I was asked to review something from Joseph Joseph space saving range. My kitchen is incredibly small so I need all the help I can get when it comes to storing things in my minimal amount of cupboards and if I'm honest I have been lusting after their products for a long time!


So what do Joseph Joseph have to say about their space saving kitchenware:

For smaller kitchens or for those who like to keep things organised, we’ve got a great range of space saving kitchen ideas to declutter your cupboards and drawers. From nesting sets which stack neatly together, to folding kitchen essentials our range of space saving kitchenware is designed to make the most of what room you do have.

I'm definitely a person who likes to be organised but my kitchen is a room that is lacking in organisation. I recently had a decluttering in my kitchen, I was honestly surprised at how much I'd managed to squeeze into such a small space (and all the out of date food) but all that meant was that I a) either couldn't find things or every time I got something out or b) all other items fell out at the same time.


Joseph Joseph space saver range includes food containers, cutlery storage, utensils and chopping boards. I was kindly sent their Nest Colanders. I received the green colour-way but they are also available in grey. Coming in a pack of two, they are different sizes which makes them easy to stack when not in use, hence the space saving. I must admit I've never own a colander before so this piece of kit was kind of a revolution for me.


Having two meant that I could be washing foods and draining foods at the same time, I'm pretty good a multi-tasking ( pats own back), so have both colanders was ideal as not only are they saving space, they are saving time too, a nice little bonus for your money. The shape of the handle means you can have one hand free for turning a tap on and off or on this occasion holding a phone to take pictures. I like the fact that it easily stands upright in the sink too.


The colanders are even safe to put in a dishwasher but in my case I'm still the dishwasher in our house. 


Simple to use, easy to store. Priced at £15, these Nest Colanders are definitely a game changer in the kitchen. Their angled corners make them stylish yet practical and the way they are designed means that even my children can use them without any problems, ideal now that my eldest is practicing more cooking at home. These come highly recommended from me, I may now be hinting to my husband to gift me with some more of the range oh and the Totem bin, just incase he's reading this.

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