Wednesday 15 November 2017

Getting Winter Ready With Trespass

When Winter arrives the temperatures drop and I don't know about all of you but I love to wrap up warm, I won't be seen without a hat (that may have something to do with having a bad hair day but we won't talk about that). I like to make sure that my children are layered up too, even if they do like to complain about wearing a coat! Now Trespass is a brand which I definitely associate with outdoor clothing so what better company to get Winter ready with.


My kids have worn Trespass coats in the past and I've had lovely walking boots from them, there range of clothes and footwear is definitely accessible to everyone, young or old. What I've always liked about their range is that not only is it inexpensive, the quality which you receive is fantastic. There aren't many coats that when they say they're waterproof that turn out to actually protect you from the rain.


I was recently asked if I would like to review a selection of clothes and with my youngest finally deciding to grow a little, it was the perfect opportunity to kit her out for the colder months ahead. There are so many items to choose from: jackets, footwear, trousers, tops, accessories, even school-wear, there's something for boys, girls, babies and toddlers. The only difficulty you'll have is making a decision on just what to buy.


Now I've always liked to give my girls a choice in what they wear so this time was no different, I sat Layla down with me and we made the decision together on just what she wanted. In the end she filled the basket with a coat, wellie boots, ear muffs and a neck warmer, she was preparing herself for all weathers I think. Just to show what great value Trespass are, all of this added up to £51.96, and with free delivery to boot.


When her parcel arrived, Layla was so eager to try things on, you can see from the picture below that she wasn't really dressed in the warmest of outfits but it was lovely seeing her so excited over new clothes. The wellies and coat were an instant hit. The handles on the wellies meant that she could easily put them on herself and I personally fell in love with the colour of the jacket, couldn't lose her in a crowd wearing that.


The coat itself is windproof and waterproof, complete with a fleece lining and the technical sounding cold-heat insulation as well as a fur trimmed hood, and an abundance of pockets for all those trinkets that kids love to carry around. This jacket is the definition of cosy but with all of this, it remains rather lightweight. What's nice is that this coat will work well for all seasons so you really get value for money. 


The boots are also waterproof and the ear muffs are ideal as they too are fleece lined so ears can stay warm without the worry of hair getting ruined (hat hair is the worst!). Funnily enough my favourite item turned out to be the neck warmer because not only can it be used as a scarf, it is large enough that it kind be hat and scarf combined, or even rolled up you can use it as a hairband. I'm thinking I need one for myself. 



What you get from all Trespass clothing and footwear is a triple threat: style, comfort and practicality.  From a parent point of view I like to know that my kids will be protected from the elements and with Trespass you can be safe in the knowledge that you will stay both warm and dry throughout the coldest and wettest of days and here in the UK we get a lot of those days so it's always best to be prepared for them.

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