Wednesday 6 December 2017

Tipping Point IDEAL Game Review

So for the past couple of weeks I have been sharing with you some reviews for board games that you could/should be buying this Christmas time. If you liked Telestrations, loved the look of Think Words Spin, then you are about to be impressed with my next offering, Tipping Point. Following on from the success of the TV programme, you can now play along at home with your own electronic version of the game.


If you haven't heard of it before, I'll tell you a little bit more about it. This is a high stakes quiz game that combines general knowledge questions and answers with what we can describe as unpredictability. With every correct answer tokens are dropped into the Tipping Point machine which will then determine who gets the biggest pay out as it slides backwards and forwards, slowly pushing the tokens to the edge. 

The game comes complete with: electronic tipping point machine (this requires 2 x AA batteries), question cards, tokens and the much needed instructions.


Because of the style of questions, the game is aged at people aged 10 and upwards but younger kids can of cause have a go at answering them. A brilliant family game, you can compete as individuals or make up teams. There are over 650 questions ready to be answered and you one single correct answer could change everything depending on the drop zone you decide to push your token down!

Different tokens can send things in a different direction. For example x2 giving your team double the payout, a freeze token causing you to miss a turn at answering a question. And then of course there are all different types of drops that can make the tokens do all sorts of things like a 'boomerang drop' that causes the tokens to move into an entirely different drop zone.


Hours of fun, I think my kids liked the electronic element of this game the most, it gave it an extra WOW factor. And this is definitely the game for fans of the TV show. It's all about reaching that final jackpot round!

For more games like these go and check out the IDEAL Games facebook page, because everyone needs a good board game to play at Christmas.

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