Monday 22 January 2018

Read With Me 2018 #3

Hello and welcome to this weeks Read With Me. After setting a Goodreads reading target last week or 52 books, one for each week. I have to admit I have already cheated, I read two books in one week, just couldn't help myself. At least I'm on target though right!


Swings in roundabouts though doesn't it because I also have weeks where I really don't feel like reading at all, especially if I've previously been engrossed in a long novel, you end up feeling like you need a break.

My favourite post from last week comes from someone who says she doesn't read a lot but when she adds in all the books she reads for her job as well as for leisure, her list definitely rivals mine. Sarah shared last week the novels that she read last year and there are some really good ones in there.

On to the link up. Newbies do look at the Read With Me page, regulars get linking (max of 2 posts/videos), comment on a couple of other posts and perhaps consider displaying my badge of linking back somehow.

Read With Me

Happy reading.


  1. That's not cheating! The target is 52 books in a year, which is not actually one a week, it's an average of one a week! One week you might read a 600 page books which takes nearly two weeks, so it's good to be ahead of the game! I'm averaging over one a week at the moment, but I know it won't last (I've got a 600 page book next and my current book has already taken nearly a week).

  2. Your linky is great in celebrating the joy of reading and introducing us to books we may not come across in the usual run of things. Thanks for hosting!

  3. I agree with Sarah, it's not cheating :) I find I have more time to read at this time of the year so I get ahead as much as I can. I know when the summer holidays come around and then everything in the last half the year, I hardly have any time to read. It worked out well for me last year and I managed my challenge of 52 books :)


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