Friday 2 February 2018

Presents, a Feeling of Love and a New Month #LittleLoves

After last week being a complete write off with most of my family ended up being poorly in one way or another, I was sort of looking forward to Monday and starting this week off with a clean slate as such. Ok I still felt relatively nauseous at the beginning, I think mostly due to the fact my appetite hadn't really returned but now I'm running on at least ninety percent and I am hoping we can enjoy our weekend instead of hiding out at home. 

My birthday last Saturday was an utterly wasted day not only because I was still ill but also because I didn't have all my family with me as my ten year old was out for the weekend with one of her friends. So I'd like to have a re-run (that's allowed right?), a chance to actually get out and have a nice family day without any unnecessary dramas, a dinner out perhaps where I don't feel full after the first mouthful! 

As my energy has returned I've had the chance to have a real look through all my gifts from last week and they've sort of formulated my little loves this week.


It comes as no surprise that I what a lot of people will call a book worm so an ideal present to give me is of course books. My eldest daughter surprised me on my big day with a book she had bought from her school library. This for one was totally unexpected as she'd never got me a gift off her own steam before and two, was so sneaky! She'd managed to not only get it into the house undetected, she'd also wrapped it up and kept the secret all week (my lot tend to blab about my presents).

This was one of those times I felt like tearing up as it was such a thoughtful thing to do, she had done the same for her sister a couple of days before that but it never occurred to me that she might do the same for her mum too. As well as that book, I may have ordered a substantial pile of new novels from Amazon courtesy of my husband. The problem I have now, is deciding which one to read first as they all sound rather enthralling.


I carried on my binge watching of Friends this week, I've now recruited my children into watching it with me too, even if they don't understand all of the jokes. It is one of those shows that never gets old, the humour very much still as relevant now as it was back then. Even though I know exactly what is coming I still find myself proper belly laughing at the punch lines. I'm only onto season three so I still have plenty of episodes to watch.


The other thing I've been watching this week was another birthday present to myself. I bought the newest Joe Wicks work out DVD, Lean in 15. I'm a huge fan of his HIIT workouts, I began watching them through his You Tube channel a couple of years back and his exercise routines are still my go to. This DVD is just as good as his first. Fast pace and intense, you feel like you've run a marathon in very little time. Ideal for someone like me who never seems to have enough hours in the day.


Something I have heard a lot this week are the words, "are you feeling better now?". I think every person I've spoke to has asked the same thing. Whilst it is very nice of them to show their concern, it is has left me wondering whether I still look poorly, I mean I have a pale complexion at the best of times so it wouldn't surprise me. But when people keep asking the question it feels like ground hog day because there I am with the same reply each time too.


Money was something that I was kindly given on my birthday so of course I needed to spend it. One of the things I chose was a bottle of perfume from Primark. I was surprised just how nice some of their fragrances smelt and at such a small cost too. The scents last well on my body and at a fraction of the price of some of the more expensive perfumes available, I'd highly recommend them. Their body sprays are just as nice too although I will admit I've been eyeing up the Victoria Secret one's in B&M too.

Another thing I have been wearing this week to is the celestial moisturiser from Lush. I went in there last week to get a recommendation on what to use on my face as it has become awfully dry with more spots than I've ever had and this is the product they suggested I try. And to show just how good their customer service is, they didn't try to push me into buying it, instead giving me a small tub to take home for free to trial to see if it actually helps. My skin is definitely softer so I think I'll be persuaded to go and buy myself a larger tub.


Well I haven't gone around baking or making anything spectacularly creative in the past few days. What I have made is a slow recovery from feeling more than a tad under the weather this week and well I believe that's good enough, I mean we can't be Pinterest perfect every day now can we. I think being ill actually showed me that I need to slow it down a little sometimes, or at the very least be willing to ask for a little help.

I'm the worst for that, even when poorly I still want to be up and doing everything, which obviously doesn't help with the getting better process. I felt awful having to have time off of work last week because to me it meant letting people down when in reality they'd prefer that I rest up and obviously not bring my germs near them. So I guess you could say I've made a bit of a break through with myself lately.

And lastly

Can I just say, how is it February already. I think I say it year on year but the time is already flying by! I've seen a lot of people complaining just how long January seems to be but I guess with so many birthdays to contend with the month doesn't drag for me like it does for others. I'm personally on count down for the half term holiday as I'd like some proper time to spend with my girls rather than just time spent doing homework etc.

How was everyone else's January? Long, short, slow or fast. What have been your ultimate highlights for 2018 so far?


  1. Aww how sweet of your daughter, what a thoughtful little lady. The perfumes from Primark smell lovely don't they I got some similar ones in New Look last year too. I hope you all feel a lot better over the weekend x #LittleLoves

  2. Although the first week of January dragged, I felt like the rest of the month flew by!
    I think I might be the only person ever (well, along with my husband) who doesn’t enjoy Friends! Glad you’re enjoying it with your children.x

  3. Being poorly sucks but even more so when it's your birthday, you can TOTALLY do a re-run. I try to make my birthday last a week even when I'm not poorly ;) but so lovely and thoughtful of your daughter bless her.

    I LOVE Friends, haven't watched it since it finished but I am thinking of binge watching my Sex & The City DVDs and introducing Hubby to them :D

  4. How lovely of your daughter to surprise you, very thoughtful. You can totally do a re-run of your birthday, after all it's yours - do what you want with it! I felt like January dragged a little, but February is whizzing by in front of my eyes! Enjoy your Sunday xx

  5. January just disappeared. And to be honest it was a long month for us with both kids struggling with sleep. But February has brought a new fresh slate! #littleloves

  6. It is really flying isnt it? I am so glad you are feeling better. Ah bless your daughter that is so thoughtful of her. I might try that moisturiser I need to try a new one x

  7. Oh no! Being poorly on your birthday is awful, you definitely deserve a re-run of it now you're feeling better.
    Lush customer service is fantastic isn't it? Whenever I pop in to re-stock on favourites I always have a chat about new products and sample some recommendations. If I could afford it I'd buy all our toiletries and skin care products from there. x


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