Wednesday 28 March 2018

Introducing a New Collectible - BABY Secrets

My kids have been know to collect a toy or two so when I was asked if I'd like to have look at the latest collectible to hit toy shelves this year, BABY Secrets, I knew I'd be on to a winner with my girls.

What are BABY Secrets?

These are a new kind of toy to collect. Available in both blind bags, or I should say blind baths and activity packs, the idea behind BABY Secrets is that you don't know the gender or your baby until you pop them in their baths which you need to fill with cold water. Their nappy will then change from white to either pink or blue to reveal whether you have a boy or a girl.


What this gender reveal actually means is that there are double the amount of babies to collect because of you want both the male and female versions, who wouldn't want twins!

What do BABY Secrets do?

I mentioned above that each baby can be placed in cold water to reveal their gender. Each and every baby comes with their own bath, my lot have made perfect use of these and have been playing with all of their babies at bath time.

Something else that these dolls come with is a birth certificate which is left blank so that your child can fill it in for themselves. This allows them to give each of their baby's a name and their very own birth date too.


These little collectibles are all poseable with moving arms and legs which means they can sit or stand in their baths depending on if they're up for having a wash or not!

Each activity pack contains not one but two babies which you can see and a third secret baby hidden away in another bath tub. As well as sets of accessories which range from a pushchair to a high chair or even a rocking horse. These are a great addition to the single packs as children can then expand on game play.

Should I start collecting BABY Secrets?

Well if you ask my eight year old the answer would be a big fat YES. After being sent some of them to review, she then went on to spend some of her birthday money on another six single packs as she's now desperate to collect them all.

The single packs have a RRP of £2.99 and the activity packs have a RRP of £12.99. Available from all good toy stores such as Argos and Smyths, they really are the next big (or should we say small) collectible for kids to enjoy.


With over 50 to collect including some limited edition ones including one with a rather lovely golden, shiny hat, they come highly recommended from my girls and lets be honest it's the children's seal of approval you want now isn't it.

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