Friday 9 March 2018

Boohoo Orders, Bedroom Make-overs and Warming Up #LittleLoves

This week we said goodbye to the snow. We only really got the a significant amount of snowfall on the Friday but honestly that was enough for me. My eight year old was more than pleased that day because it meant she got some quality time with her dad. They could be found in the back garden trying to build a snowman, something that despite how little there was to play with, they actually managed an alright sized one, with the help of my husband's genius idea to get a broom and sweep all of the snow up into a pile.

For now I'm happier that the temperatures are slowly rising again. It was a relief to be able to step out of the house without having to put on one hundred layers first. It was that warm that on Monday I went out with no hat, no gloves or scarf, not even a coat, just my shawl over the top of my clothes. I've seen a few daffodils in bloom so roll on spring I say, it's been winter for far too long in my opinion.

With my little moan about the whether over and done with hows about we move on to more important things like this weeks Little Loves:


The latest novel that I picked up to read was The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon. Now if I'm honest, this isn't a book that I would have picked up and bought for myself. This was actually a gift from my eldest daughter that she gave to me on my birthday in January. As a librarian at her school they get first dibs at picking some of the older books that are being moved to make way for newer stock and she happened to find this one and think of me.

This is a story about immigrants but it is nicely slotted into what I'd describe as a coming of age tale. It is rather emotional at times but very funny in others so it has a good balance to it. What Zana has written is something that will get you thinking about the world we live in, about the freedom that we so readily have and the people who aren't as lucky as we are.

I've now popped another one of this author's books on my to be read list because I enjoyed this book so much. 


I know what you are thinking, am I still watching Friends and the answer to that is yes. I'm almost on to season nine, the end is in sight.

What else have I been watching? My husband and I were trying to find another programme that we could watch together and in the end we settled on Ozark which can be found on Netflix. It's not a programme that has us overly excited so we haven't been binge watching it like we've been know to do with other shows but at least that means it will keep us going for a while I guess.

Friday night is movie night in our house and last week we opted to watch 300. Ok, I know what you're thinking, not the best 'family' movie choice but actually my girls really enjoyed it. Like their dad, they are very much keen to learn about history so as we were watching my husband was filling them in on some of the details, the myths and legends surrounding Spartans. We've decided that our next film to watch will be Clash of the Titans.


In-case you didn't know, it is Mother's day this Sunday. And with that in mind I went to a Mother's day assembly put on by all of key stage one at my girl's primary school. It's crazy to think that actually I will only have one more of these assemblies to attend before my lot are finished with their younger years at primary!

Anyway enough of the emotional thoughts, this assembly like the others that I have attended was just lovely. The children all sang songs and then we got to hear just why our children love us. My Layla did make me chuckle, she said, "I love my mummy because she helps tidy my bedroom", glad to be of service.


Ok so technically this isn't what I wore, more like what I am going to wear.


Is anyone else like me, unable to resist a bargain on They are what I'd call quite cheap in price for clothing anyway but when they have a 50% or more sale surely it would be rude not to buy something? And with that sort of thinking I went ahead and filled my basket with some pieces ready for Spring/Summer. We've booked to go away in August which means that I needed a few items, thinking ahead and being organised you see.

In the end I managed to get eleven items for £44 and an added bonus, I found a money off code for delivery and got next day delivery for just 50p. Now all I really need is a new bikini (thinking high waisted so any recommendations would be much appreciated) and a pair of flip-flops/sliders and I'll be all prepared for when the sun finally decides to make an appearance.


Last week I told you about the girls new bunk beds, they've been a big hit and actually they spend a lot more time in their room now, I keep finding them huddled up reading or playing with dolls on the top bunk. With the furniture made, it's just their walls that need decorating but with that awful wood-chip on the walls and lack of funds for wallpaper etc right now I knew that it would be a while until their room would be fully complete.


While we're waiting I found a way to make their walls look a little less drab and at a fraction of the cost with some wall stickers. I found some fantastic multi-coloured dots on eBay for just £5 and the girls and I had fun dotting them around one of their walls. It has just made the room look a bit more modern and has tied it in with the rest of the decor.

And lastly . . . 

The kids are off for a sleepover at their Grandad's house tomorrow night which means the hubby and I get our first date night of 2018, very over-due. I missed out on a night out for my birthday in January because I'd caught the sickness bug so I'm very much looking forward to going out and out and having a good bit of food and drink.

And of course as previously mentioned, Sunday is Mother's Day so I just want to wish all you mums a very Happy Mother's Day, may you be spoiled and not have to lift a finger or at the very least get to enjoy a warm cuppa!


  1. I keep looking at Ozark but I'm not sure about it. It's great that the girls want to learn all about history. That assembly sounds absolutely lovely. Enjoy your date night and mothers day x

  2. My girls love their bunk beds but they chatter so much all night they must be falling asleep at their desks in school!! I love that TShirt - I need a little shop for some Spring bits. Have a great weekend lovely #littleloves

  3. Love your girls room, such an easy cheap way to decorate with wall stickers! They have a really good effect too. Hope you have a lovely date night! Popping over from Little Loves

  4. I love wall stickers I am doing them in the new nursery too saves money and time if you want to change it too. I think the dots look amazing. Hope date night was a success. Happy Mother's Day weekend. #littleloves

  5. I never think of looking on Boohoo for clothes, I will have to have a nose! You managed to get loads! Those wall stickers are looking fab! #littleloves

  6. Love those wall stickers, they make the girls room look lovely. I was on Boohoo the other day, completely forgot to check out the sale. Enjoy date night! #littleloves

  7. A Mother's Day assembly sounds adorable. And I love that t-shirt! Bargains!


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