Friday 23 March 2018

Haircuts, Sandals and a New Front Door #LittleLoves

Hands up who got snow last weekend? After the last lot of it not coming to much, if I'm honest I was highly expecting the weather to be wrong for my part of the country but Saturday saw quite a lot of the white stuff fall from the sky. This was made more surprising by the fact that the previous day I had actually managed to step out of the house without having to put a coat and an abundance of layers.

I'm one of these people that likes to save money where they can and this is something I try to do with my bills too so it was more than a tad annoying that I had to give in and put my heating back on at the weekend as well. Does the weather not know that it's supposed to be gearing up to spring? I feel like we don't actually get proper seasons anymore, they all seem to blend into one which makes it really hard to put those chunky jumpers to the back of my wardrobe.

Anyway another bit of moaning done, here are my #LittleLoves for this week:


This week I finished off a book from a previous week, The Bone Sparrow and I began reading another series of books by Sarah J Maas. I was already a huge fan of her Throne of Glass series so I'm pretty confident that I'm going to love A Court of Thorns and Roses and the consequent books in the set.


These books are very much in the fantasy genre and although they started off as a trilogy I know that there is another novel due to be released this year, hence why I've waited to read them as I hate having to wait for a new book to be written when there are cliffhangers involved.


*Friends Update*

I've made it up to season ten everyone, already thinking I'll be watching them again once I've finished because they are just forever funny aren't they.

Another funny programme that I started watching last week and I have already binged my way through is The Good Place which you can find on Netflix. Nice short episodes that have me laughing. I think what I like the most about it is its one of those shows where you don' have to concentrate too hard on, you could miss a few minutes and still now just what is happening, definitely recommend if you're after a comedy to watch.


Our Friday night film this week was also something on Netflix. Annihilation, which stars Natalie Portman. Sci-Fi/Futuristic meets sort of thriller. There are few moments that made me jump whilst other scenes had me wondering just what was going to happen next. Not Oscar worthy but not a bad movie either.


I heard a song on Radio X a few weeks ago but never caught the name of it or the artist who was singing it. Finally found it this week when searching through their site and downloaded it. It's Hold My Hand by Picture This. It's a mix between pop and soft rock in my opinion. I've been playing on repeat all week, definitely going to be my favourite song for a while I think. 


Ok technically not something I've worn but it is something that I have bought to wear. I'm trying to will the sunshine and heat out so I did buy a new pair of sandals. I actually went into Primark looking for swimwear (oh so difficult to find what you want) and instead of a swimsuit or a bikini in my bag when I came out of the shop, I actually came out with a new maxi dress, a pair of sandals and a bottle of dry shampoo!


I'm cheating again because this isn't something that I really made but ...... there has been a difference made to our house. After 8 weeks of waiting for the correct front door to be put on, we finally have the one we requested.

I'm rather pleased with it, especially after receiving a few compliments on how much better the house now looks with it on, more modern.

And lastly . . . 

The eldest decided she quite fancied a change with her hair. After growing it for just under a year, she had over five inches chopped off of it and even added a fringe back in. I think it's taking her some getting used to as she's not quite sure how to style it but although I may be a bit biased being her mum, I really like it. She's got such a petite face that this sort of style suits her quite well.

I'm yet to persuade her to let me take a photo of it yet though.


  1. We got snow and lots of it. I had to abandon my car and walk home from my sons swimming lesson . But this week as been a lot better and we started to see a little glimpse of Spring and dare i say it blue skies. Have a great weekend

  2. We had more snow last Saturday too! I LOVE The Good Place, need to finish Season 2 though. Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. I've heard a lot of good things about The Good Place. I have so little time for grown up T.V. at the mo that I'm trying to stick to one show at a time. It's on the ever-growing list!

  4. The Good Place is one of my favourite programmes, I was gutted when I got to the last episode. Can't wait for them to release more x


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