Friday 30 March 2018

Sore fingers, Easter Cakes and a Much Needed Break #LittleLoves

Hello everyone, we've made it to the end of another week and even better it's a bank holiday and the start of the kids Easter holidays, I hope you're not having to work today! I'll be honest I have been on count down for this break since the kids went back to school at the end of February. It's not like it was a super long term but for some reason, nothing that I can really put my finger on, it has just felt like it's dragged.

Along with that feeling, I've not necessarily felt like myself lately, run down with ear ache and then a sore throat, throw in a lack of sleep and I guess I've just been your run of the mill mombie recently. I know I'm not alone in that feeling but I can't even blame my kids because they sleep A LOT I tell you. So I guess you could say I'm looking forward to the next two weeks off, no school runs to contend with and lots of family time to enjoy.

And with my latest moan over and done with you, I bring to you my latest #LittleLoves post which I will be linking up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.


I mentioned last week that I had started on the Court of Thorns and Roses book series. Well over the course of last weekend I managed to swiftly make my way through the first book and just as quickly I delved into the second book of the set, A Court of Mist and Fury. I really enjoy the fantasy genre as a whole and this one is filled with fairies, shapeshifters and thus like, creating a world filled with magic and characters that have you completely submerged with their stories!


A book that I have waiting for me to read on my Kindle is Skin Deep by author Liz Nugent. I haven't read anything from this author before but I'd heard quite a lot about this novel so I was fairly quick to request it when I saw it come up on Netgalley. It comes under the mystery/thriller genre, one that I've been reading a lot of lately, it was the blurb that first caught my attention and now I can't wait to start turning the pages on this one.


I can tell you're already wondering .... have I finished Friends yet? Well the answer to that would be no, but I'm close. I keep texting quotes to my little brother, the latest one was when Joey has laughs as Ross says the words "homo-erectus".

I've also started watching the second series of The Good Fight, the spin off from The Good Wife (which is definitely worth a watch).

And our Friday night film of choice this time was Pitch Black, who doesn't love a bit of Vin Diesel! It was a toss up between this or one of the Fast and Furious films although I'm sure one of those will feature at some point this year.


Being Easter week it was the girls' school Easter service at the church on Wednesday so I heard them all singing hymns and I also heard poems being read and my ten year old was a narrator for her year's Easter play. 


Another mention for the ten year old. She happened to be sporting a rather fabulous set of plasters around her fingers this week. She'd managed to hurt her little finger during a game of bench ball the previous Friday which came ended up being rather swollen and bruised. When she was little she was known as first aid Freya as she spent so much time in first aid for minor injuries, I guess she was just living up to her name.

She wasn't complaining too much as it meant that I had to write out her spellings homework for her as she was struggling to hold a pencil.


And just because you haven't heard enough about the ten year old this week. She wanted to enter the school's recent bake off competition so decided to bake and decorate a cake. I have to say I was more than a little impressed with her efforts because apart from me turning the oven on and cracking a couple of eggs into a bowl, she did the rest entirely by herself. Below is her rather delicious looking Easter cake creation.


Baking is a good skill to have, I know who to ask to make me a birthday cake next year now!

And Lastly . . . 

In keeping with my trying to keep more organised this year I invested in a couple of pieces of stationery from Busy B. A Budget book and a meal planner/shopping list book. So now I have very little excuse to not stay on top of my finances because not only can I keep an eye on the family expenses, by meal planning I can hopefully lower the cost of the weekly food shop as well. 


Our food bill has been slowly creeping up recently, in part I think to price rises but also because of how we eat. Now that I know exactly what dinners we'll be eating each day, I am going to try and avoid any mid-week  'extra' shopping', any else guilty of doing that? 

All that's left to say this week is Happy Easter everyone.


  1. That cake looks amazing good on her for entering and giving it a go! #LittleLoves

  2. Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly I think it's time of year. I've been loking at the Sarah J Maas books, they sound like something I would enjoy. I know what you mean about mid -week shopping I'm definitely guilty ! Have a fab Easter x

  3. I love Busy B stationary, I have quite a collection now. That cake is brilliant and looks seriously delicious, can't believe a 10 year old made it, I'd be proud if I could do something like that at my age! Have a great Easter holiday!

  4. That cake looks fab! I have a slight stationery obsession so I'm off to check out Busy B #littleloves

  5. Ooh, has The Good Fight started again in the UK? I've been ready for it since season one ended.

    1. yes it started a couple of weeks ago on more 4 :)

  6. Thanks for the reminder about The Good Fight, I saw the first episode of the new season but then forgot all about it! x


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