Monday 30 April 2018

Read With Me 2018 #17

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks Read With Me. Thank you to everyone that linked up last week, I'm looking forward to see what you have to show me this week.


Can you believe we're at the end of April already? A third of the way through the year. Madness! But seen as we've met that milestone I thought I'd update you on my Goodreads challenge. So far this year I have read 21 books and my aim is 52 so I am ahead for now.

My favourite post last week came from The Ish Mother with her review for the Wondrous Dinosaurium, mostly because I know my nephew would love this book!

On to the link up. Newbies do look at the Read With Me page, regulars get linking (max of 2 posts/videos), comment on a couple of other posts and perhaps consider displaying my badge of linking back somehow.

Read With Me

Happy reading.


  1. We're actually a third of the way through the year! Well done on being ahead of your challenge. I don't set myself a target, I just read as much as I can fit into my life. It tends to be about a book a week when the kids are at school and a lot less when they're off (it normally takes me the entire summer holidays just to read one book!).

    1. lol, I meant to change that last week, it's because I copy and pasted something from another post last week, I blame sleep deprivation!!!

  2. Not read anywhere near as much as you have so far this year and the year is flying by. Thanks for getting me back to reading regularly #ReadWithMe

  3. 21 books is good I've read 19 so far since January.

  4. Sorry I have been quiet on the #readwithme front - I haven't had time to read everyone's posts so wouldn't be right to link up. Hope I will get some time this afternoon to look back over old ones! x


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