Sunday 24 June 2018

My Sunday Photo 2018 #25

My girls are always creating one thing or another. Below is one of their latest creations, simply using sugar and food colouring. I've been told they will be buying some fake flowers to display in the little bottles.

I actually think they'd make nice little gifts.



  1. They look really good, would make cool teachers presents

    Have a good Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  2. oh they are lovely and yes if you added in a flower to the top they would be ebautiful little gifts!

  3. Aww! They are lovely. So pretty. They would make fab gifts x

  4. Well done to them! My eldest is quite creative, but the things he makes are rather industrial! His room is full of his weird and wonderful creations.

  5. What a lovely idea, I might have to borrow this one with the children here - pinning! Thank you.


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