Friday 29 June 2018

Summer Sun, Foo Fighters and Job Interviews #LittleLoves

Here we are, the end of June, passing the half way point of the year. It's been a strange old month for me. I applied for my first proper teaching assistant job, I've never really been to a proper interview before so this was quite a scary prospect for me. Unfortunately I wasn't successful so I didn't get the job this time. I'm trying to remain positive though, obviously that was not the job that I was meant to get, everything crossed for myself next time I apply.

This month seems to have been a busy one. With exam week for the eldest, phonics test for the youngest, a choir competition for the eight year old and the ten year old has started to revise for upcoming tests to get into grammar school. June has also seen us celebrating Father's day and my husband's birthday. And my clever husband achieved something this month too. He managed to shoot for the Kent archery team not once but twice and I couldn't be prouder of him!

And all of that before I've got on to my #LittleLoves for the past few weeks:


June started off as a slow month for reading, the kids were on half term and time didn't seem to be on my side but as the days went by I found myself getting stuck into a few novels. A lot of which I was lucky to receive via Netgalley. These included: Your Closest Friend by Karen Perry, A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza and Missing Pieces by Laura Pearson. I've had mixed feelings over these novels but my favourite was definitely Missing Pieces.

I've also been extremely lucky as I have won two lots of books via Twitter. I won special edition copies of Paige Toons's Five Years From Now which I am looking forward to reading next month and I also won a set of books from author Perdita. Her Waiting for a Callback series is one I really enjoyed and now I've got the whole set and I went ahead and had it dedicated to my eldest daughter, how cool is that?


Well apart from the obvious that is Love Island, I have continued to watch The Handmaid's Tale and I have now started to watch Suits, I'm finding this very funny indeed. My ten year old has also got me watching America's Got Talent on Netflix. I have to say the American version has a lot more going for it, the talent is exceptional in some cases! 

Film wise we haven't really watched a lot. Friday movie night has turned into what series on Netflix can we watch. Although last week we did actually settle down to watch Fast and Furious 6. 


A lot of this month was spent listening to my eight year old practicing for her choir competition. It didn't matter where she was, in bed, in the bath, whilst the rest of us were trying to watch television....
I like that she's found something she's really interested in although I'll be glad not to hear S Club 7's Reach For the Stars for a few weeks now.

And of course my lot are still content in playing The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat, again and again. You get the picture.

But the best thing I heard this month, Foo Fighters live! I went to the London Stadium with my younger brother to watch them in concert last week and what can I say except, they were AMAZING. After missing out a couple of years ago when the gigs got cancelled I don't think I've been so excited for something in my life, well apart from birthing my kids, but you know. 



Well this isn't so much what I wore but more like what I am going to wear. My lovely mother took me on a shopping trip, more because she needed a few new clothes for the summer but I ended up with a few bits for myself too including my new favourite bikini from Primark.



With it being Father's day and the hubby's birthday this month, this meant that cake was in order but it seems I've been made redundant in this department. The ten year old made a lemon cheesecake by herself and the youngest two with minimal help from me made a lemon drizzle cake. None of this was doing anything for that summer body I'm trying to achieve, lol.

And lastly . . . 

This weekend we are going to our best friends' youngest daughter's christening, where we will become god parents for the third time. An unbelievable honour and a privilege.

I hope June has been good to you all.


  1. Ah, great that you got to see FooFighters this time round. I missed out when they cancelled a couple of years ago too, and couldn’t do the rescheduled date. They are probably my favourite live band.
    Sorry to hear that your interview wasn’t successful this time. Fingers crossed for the next one - job interviews definitely seems to be a skill in themselves!x

  2. That's great that u got to see the Foofightwrs live. Sorry to hear about your interview being unsuccessful however well done on the book wins #LittleLoves

  3. Hope you have a lovely time at the Christening this weekend, and enjoy the glorious sunshine! xx

  4. Totally jealous you saw the Foo Fighters! Dave Grohl is just bloody gorgeous! I’ve nit watched the handmaids take, but so many people have recommended it! Maybe I should! Hope you have a wonderful July xx Popping over from #LittleLoves

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely month - I think I'm the only person in the country not watching Love Island! #LittleLoves

  6. Oh my goodness, I'm so jealous you got to see the Foo Fighters! We tried to get tickets but missed out. I need to catch up on The Handmaids Tale, I think I'm a few weeks behind now. x


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