Wednesday 13 June 2018

The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide Book Review

I was never one of those kids that dreamed of travelling the world but now that I am older, I tend to dream of travelling places when my children have grown up and flown the nest so to speak but what about an interplanetary voyage?

We're living in what historians will surely one day call the golden age of solar system exploration. Since the late 1950s humans have launched all manner of robots to fly by, orbit, land and even travel across many different kinds of worlds in our solar system.

We now know what the surfaces of other worlds look like and here using reasonable extrapolations of current technologies and scientific, environmental and engineering knowledge author Jim Bell has 'imagined' a travel guide of the future offering space enthusiasts an unparalleled visual experience of our solar system.


The ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide is a book that essentially highlights the wonder that is space. With each turn of the page you are taken on quite the tour of our solar systems and way beyond that.

I personally was in awe of the art work and photography which even without looking at the facts that go alongside them, is absolutely stunning.

But now I'll let my eldest daughter tell you a little bit more about this futuristic guide through the cosmos:

The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide is as extraordinary as it's name. It is a brilliant tour around our universe that is both informative and entertaining.

My personal favourite part about this book is though it imagines what may happen in the future, it doesn't do this too much. I think it is good because there is enough to be entertaining but not enough to distract people from current facts. I also took this book to school for me and my friend to read and she loved the pull out posters at the back. The best one in our opinion is Venus. The posters add an extra bit of magic to this guide.


Another thing that I love about this book is the use of pictures and photographs, I think they give the reader a somewhat real glimpse into our future. My favourite of these was the astronaut at the back with all the lovely posters. I love this picture because I can see all the young readers that dream of going to space hanging this on their bedroom wall.

I would recommend this book to all those who dream of walking throughout the planets. This book is perfect for shelves at home, in a library or on your desk, there to lend some inspiration. The posters are ideal for space lovers and all in all this will be the non-fiction book everyone will be wanting to read next.


What this book does is give a sense of hope and a feeling of what can be achieved as we look towards the future, the fact that in years to come we may well reach newly discovered planets. It provides a taster of what could come.


  1. This sounds amazing. Great review from your daughter! It sounds like children of all ages and plenty of adults would find this informative.

  2. What an articulate and considered review from your daughter - she is a superb book blogger already! And this book sounds wonderful! #readwithme

  3. This sounds like such an interesting book. I think my youngest would love it. She loves all things space related.

  4. Your daughter has written a wonderful review. It sounds like a really interesting book.


  5. I definitely need to buy this for son2. He is really keen on astronomy

  6. Great review from your daughter and definitely looks like a book we'd enjoy #readwithme


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