Wednesday 25 July 2018

Next Gift Destination Stop Great Gizmos

About five years ago now I was lucky enough to experience first hand what a company called Great Gizmos had to offer. Back then the majority of their stock was toys but as the years have gone by they've spent time re-branding and now they want you to make their shop your one stop destination for all toys and gifts no matter your age!

With so much to choose from including a range of soft toys, arts and crafts, educational and outdoor toys and an abundance of varying gifts, there is literally something for everyone to choose from whether you are male or female 1 or 91.

My girls were lucky enough to be sent a selection of gifts to try out and now I'm able to show you just what they received and what they thought of them.

First up ...


These went down a storm with my daughters. With different sized sets priced from £15.40 up to £28.60, what you get is a variety of coloured glitters and designs which can be used either as body tattoos or as decorations for different household items and clothing.


Of course all of mine wanted to give themselves tattoos like mum and dad.

And my eight year old took the time to spruce up and old t-shirt of hers and bring it back to life with a fantastic fairy transfer.


As a parent what I like about the Glitza range is that they are easy to use and just as simple to clear up. When used on the skin, they wash off no problem and and don't cause any skin irritation and that's a big thing in our house as we all have sensitive skin.

They'd be great for adults to use, going out to festivals, reinventing things long forgotten at the back of their wardrobe.

Highly recommended!

Next on the list ...

Nebulous Stars

Let your artistic side out with these fantastic art sets. From sketching and painting to pamper sets and dream catchers. Priced from £11.44 up to £39.82, these sets allow people's imaginations to step up a notch and re-introduce a bit of creativity.


We received three sets: Scratch Art, Dreamcatchers and Destiny Tellers

Each one comes complete with instructions and all the materials needed to make some brilliant items. 


An added bonus is that with each set you are introduced to a different character and you can also collect the booklets.

Great rainy day activities and actually the end creations make some lovely presents to re-gift to friends and family.

Lastly ...

4M Mould & Paint

Last but by no means least my youngest decided as soon as we opened up the box that this mould & paint set would be hers and hers alone.


Priced at £9.99, we were sent the sealife version but there are plenty of other sets to be found on the Great Gizmos site. Each one comes with a paint brush, a set of paints and the moulding plaster which just needs to be mixed with water.

The only problem my five year old had with this set was that she had to wait for the plaster to dry in the moulds.

We actually added an element to this, we were mixing paints and learning what new colours we could make.


Typically all of my girls are now eyeing up the unicorn set!

Of course what we were sent is aimed more at the arts and crafts side of things so you need to take a closer look at Great Gizmos to see just how extensive their range of toys and gifts is because I'll be honest, Christmas is coming round fast so you might just want to start buying some presents sooner rather than later.

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