Friday 13 July 2018

School Plays and World Cup Blues #weeklyroundup

As mid July is creeping up on us I've noticed that a lot of people are already lucky enough to be at the start of their summer holidays. My eldest still has 1 more week to go and my other three children have almost two weeks before they break up from school. It's been a very long term and now it just seems to be dragging. Both the kids and the adults have quite frankly had enough and are in need of some time to relax and unwind.

I think I feel like it more because there seems to be so much packed into these last few weeks of the term. We've got sports day still to come and my eldest still has three school trips that she's looking forward to. I feel like I'm constantly repeating things to myself in a bid not to forget anything. I have things written down everywhere but I still struggle to retain all of the information!

But amongst all of the complaining for which I apologise, there have still been moments of enjoyment this week which include the following:


This week I read another novel that I was lucky enough to be sent via Netgalley. The book in question is called Vox and it's written by Christina Dalcher.

It's a very interesting concept, the idea is that men are the superior sex again and the female population have to wear these 'bracelets' that make it so that they can only speak 100 words per day, I probably use that up in my first sentences in the morning so what we're saying is that women are pretty much silenced.

A scary but thought provoking read!


This week I got to watch my eldest in her first secondary school play. She's been so excited during the lead up. The Year 7's were each doing a scene from The Lion King and my daughter got the part of Scar which she was very pleased about.


It was great to see her up on stage and I actually got to enjoy that moment with my mum who was definitely a proud nan at the moment. I'd love to have some of the confidence that my daughter has, she has this natural ability to just take on any task.

The whole of year 7 did a fantastic job.


A lot of shouting from myself.

Specifically when I was watching the football on Wednesday, I can't be alone in the volume of noise that evening can I?

I have to say although I'm disappointed that they didn't make it through to the final, at the same time ultimately I'm proud of them because they played the game, they got further than most thought they would and they actually cared. There were no big egos just there for a pay cheque.


I've had to pop a jacket back on this week, the sun went into hiding for a while. I think all those people complaining that it was too hot finally managed to scare the good weather away.

I'm hoping for sunshine as the weekend starts!


I've always suffered with my skin with varying conditions including both eczema and psoriasis and unfortunately the psoriasis is particularly bad on my scalp which means I react badly to a lot of shampoos and conditioners and it's got even worse with all the hot weather we've been having. I'm scratching my head a lot and I'm sure people all think I've got nits!


Recently I have been trying a shampoo from Tony Maleedy which contains ingredients such as Juniper to try and combat my problems and I'm pleased to say it's made a significant difference and it isn't just me, it's my ten year old daughter too. And unlike some shampoos that might treat the scalp but not the hair. this shampoo has left my hair rather soft as well.

The only downside is that it isn't the cheapest but worth the price in my opinion.

This weekend is going to be a quiet one, well I hope so anyway after a busy few weekends. I'm hoping for a lie in, well anything past 7am will be a bonus. What's everyone else's plans for the upcoming days?


  1. I am so glad the shampoo is working there is nothing worse than an itchy scalp it so uncomfortable. Ah and well done in the play its such a huge deal to put yourself onto the stage like that. I was the same at the football it was such a shame they never won x

  2. Ahh shampoo sounds like a savor there hunny. The play looks beautiful well done. Brave to get up on stage like that. Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  3. Well done on the play that's amazing to get up on stage like this. I only ever watch England and I was sad that they didn't get through.

  4. Oh I think the whole country was shouting on Wednesday! We done so well though didn't we. I love the sounds of the shampoo!

  5. That play looks incredible, and gosh I shouted a lot at the football too


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