Friday 20 July 2018

Sports Day, Days Out and People Coming Together #weeklyroundup

Another week has ended and for many of you the school holidays have well and truly begun. Not so much the case in this household. The eldest actually finishes at 1pm today, yay for her. My other three and myself don't break up until Thursday and it feels like a life time away, we're all in desperate need of a break now.

July always seems to be a busy month. So many school trips, sports days and various other events to remember and of course then there is the preparation for the youngest's birthday at the end of the month. I seem to be constantly on the go and all I want is to sit down and have a hot cuppa, not too much to ask is it?

But despite my usual moaning I'm going to start with something I read this week that has put things into perspective for me.


Earlier in the week I read something so sad and I'm sure utterly devastating for some. A fellow blogger passed away on Monday leaving behind two sons and a lot of broken hearts. I never had the opportunity to meet the love Kate Sutton personally but I followed her on social media, joined in conversations with her and she always bought humour to any situation.

I just wanted to share a link to a Go Fund Me page which her eldest son set up in the hopes that some of my readers might take the time to donate something, anything to help. And if you knew her make sure you keep the tag #bemorewitwitwoo trending in her honour!


This week I was able to watch two sporting events. The first was a race for life that my girls' primary school took part in. I was also a helper so I watched as I ran/walked. I'll admit to not running an awful lot as I trailed behind with my littlest daughter who proclaimed right at the beginning of the race that she was just too tired to run!


And then of course it must be summer when sports day arrives and this week I had the chance to watch three of mine partake in their one. Luckily for them the weather had cooled down slightly which made it easier for all who were competing. 


My eldest was lucky enough to go on not one but three school trips this week. One to France with the whole of her year group. I was terrified she'd lose her passport as she's not the best at keeping hold of things but she came back with passport in hand.

The second trip was to Howlett's Zoo. Having been before it wasn't the most exciting of trips but it meant time out of school with her friends so she wasn't complaining.

And lastly because she works in her school's library and partakes in a book club she got an extra trip with some other pupils as a thank you. They went to The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury where they were treated to a lunch out as an added extra. 


We've been making bath time fun with a little help from some lovely products from Mini-U. They stock a lovely range of bath bombs, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, even coloured soaps and bubble baths.

My girls have never been so eager to have a wash!


The bath bombs were the favourite product with little tiny sponges hidden inside. And from a parent point of view I have fallen in love with their apple scented detangling spray. It has worked wonders on the kids hair making it easier to style in the mornings and I'll admit I've been using it on my own hair too.

You can try some of the products for yourself using the code Miniu20% to get 20% off of your first order.


Last weekend we had a little shopping trip to stock up on last minute clothing for the holiday. I couldn't resist these sliders from primark (from the kids section!), I mean they were only £4 and you can't turn down a bargain.

And you may have also seen me wearing my new limited edition swimsuit from the lovely people at Hunkemoller.

I'm now waiting not so patiently for my girls to get home from school because they will be bringing with them their end of school year reports. I'm not expecting anything bad but you never know what they're getting up to at school every day do you!

The kids are off swimming with their auntie this weekend and we also have a trip to the park planned with friends on Sunday.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and here's to an even lovelier weekend.


  1. Been a great weekend here thanks back home. Sounds like you have had a great week yourself. Busy one too. Three school trips that's amazing. Hope you have a great summer ahead.

  2. Sounds like a great end to the school year. We had a lovely weekend and it was a great start to our summer x

  3. We were later finishing too, I think everyone was more than ready for it! I love you swimsuit, hope you get lots of opportunity to wear it with this heat wave. Have a lovely start to the Summer x

  4. Poor Kate its just heartbreaking for her family. Life is so short and scary at times. I so muss sports day and I hope the reports were good? Have an amazing summer we have so much planned already I love the summer break x


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