Wednesday 29 August 2018

EasyRead Past & To Rainbow Watch Review

Telling the time, it's a skill that we all need to learn but it isn't the easiest thing to teach. I remember when I was little my mum buying me my first watch, it had a red strap and the numbers on the dial were blue, I was so proud to be more 'grown up' because my older brother already had a watch and I wanted to be just like him. The trouble was that even though it was a child's watch, it still wasn't the clearest when trying to decipher what past the hour and to the hour was.

Fast forward twenty seven years and EasyRead have come up with a range of clocks, watches and alarm cocks that can help children learn to tell the time in a way that takes the stress out of the process for both the kids and the parents who are trying to teach them.


I was recently sent one of their Past & To Rainbow watches for my six year old to make use of and I can honestly say it was a winner straight out of the box.

The watch comes complete with: a washable fabric strap, we receive the purple colour-way (her favourite colour), stainless steel back & non-allergenic plating, 33mm diameter watch with rainbow numbers, Seiko movement and time teaching instructions all placed in a colourfully printed box. An added bonus is that it has a battery already installed so you can pop it on straight out of the box.

Ideal for any child who is just starting on their journey on how to tell the time, what I liked was how adjustable the strap was. My youngest is very small for her age, at the age of six she is still wearing age three clothing, however the watch was still a great fit.

Every Past & To watch comes with two distinct sides which are colour coded. The right hand side which is minutes past is green and the left hand side which is minutes to is pink. By breaking this down, it takes away a lot of the frustration of telling the time instantly.


Another feature to this watch is that it is water resistant so no need to worry if it ever got dropped in water or if they like to spend a long time washing their hands for instance.

EasyRead pride themselves on their 3 step teaching system, something which I found really beneficial as it made it simpler for me to explain to my daughter.

1. Read the number at the end of the long hand

2. Say which side the long hand is pointing to

3. Read the number at the end of the short hand

E.g. 8 ... minutes to ... 2

And it really is that simple!

With a recommended price of £19.95, the EasyRead Past & To watch is the perfect learning resource to either start your child with learning to tell the time or if they are currently struggling with the process, then this will put the fun back into that part of their learning journey. Bright colours and clear numbers, it is both fun and educational, a great teaching aid that helps both the child and parent, simple and effective.


My daughter hasn't completely mastered this skill yet but she's become more determined to continue to learn and it hasn't just helped her, it has also helped to reinforce what my eight year old has already been taught.

Highly recommended.

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