Friday 10 August 2018

Sunbathing, Sleepovers and Holiday Prep #weeklyroundup

Two weeks of the summer holidays gone already, how is it possible? We wish for this time for so long and then it begins to vanish in an instant. I don't think it helps that we've been counting down to our holiday abroad so in a sense I was still wishing away the days. But despite the speed of which it's going, so far so good.

The sun has shone for the majority of the time which does wonders for everyone's moods doesn't it and of course this in turn helps with the kids because they've been outdoors a lot and I find this decreases any bickering immensely. This has meant I haven't even wanted to reach for the gin, I kid, a little.

But while I've got your attention, here's my latest weekly round up for you.


Something that these holiday days have given me is a bit of time. Time to pick up a book at a reasonable hour rather reading late into the night and even better I have been able to read it sunbathing in the garden while the kids splash around in the paddling pool.

This week I devoured what I think is my new favourite novel, Holly Bourne's How Do You Like Me Now? I actually won this book in a competition on Twitter which was a real plus as it had been on my 'to be read' list for a while now but I didn't have the spare pennies to purchase it.


Honestly it was one of those books that I could really relate to and the added bonus was that it had me laughing a lot too. If you're stuck for a holiday read then I highly recommend this story.


Nailed it!

Did you watch the first season on Netflix? One of the funniest baking shows I have ever seen and now there's a second season and let me tell you it's just as good, if not better than the first. 

It makes me feel better about my own baking efforts.


The best thing I have listened to this week is the sound of my kids laughing and having fun, even if it meant that they only had two levels of volume, loud and louder. My youngest had two firsts this week as well. Her first friend sleeping over and her first sleep over at her friends as well. 


This friend happens to be my god son, her boyfriend and the boy that she is supposedly going to marry as well. They really are the cutest even if they are double trouble but it's so lovely seeing them grow up together and enjoying their first experiences as a pair.

Of course it helps that I'm best friends with his mum, at least they both know that they'll be gaining decent in-laws if they do happen to get married later on in life.



The temperatures have been a tad warm haven't they and honestly it's just been too hot to wear 'proper' clothes when at home. Which means I've either been walking around the house in a bikini or in my underwear in an attempt to stay cool.

Dare I say it but I'm almost looking forward to autumn time just so I can change up my wardrobe a little because I seem to be wearing the same three outfits on repeat.


I've made the effort to start packing for my holiday but of course before packing I had to make a list of what needs packing. Can't resist any opportunity to make a list.

I'm always amazed when I see what other people take on holiday because we never take more than two suitcases and that's for a family of six. 

For the first time in a long while we actually have no plans for the weekend and you'll get no complaints from me about that. Even though we've had these two weeks off I have been up early every day as the husband was still at work but now his holidays have officially begun too I'm hoping for dare I say it a lie in and a couple of lazy days.

I hope all of you are enjoying your holidays thus far!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your lazy weekend, we went on a long country walk with a pub lunch half way through. I always take loads on holiday but sort of feel if you have the allowance then use it, I like to have a few back up options, that book looks fab will have to check it out x


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