Friday 31 August 2018

Top Five Reasons to Visit Santa Ponsa Mallorca

Two years ago my family and I had the pleasure of holidaying in a little place called Santa Ponsa in the country of Mallorca. We enjoyed that vacation so much that we inevitably decided to head back there this year.

But why go back to the same place twice you ask?

Well that's what I am here to tell you. This small town in the South West of Majorca is extremely popular area with tourists and I'm sure you'll be able see why with plenty of shops and bars, even the obligatory mini golf and it's also still within reach of places like Palma on public transport of via taxi but these aren't the top reasons why you should consider taking your next break in this beautiful place.

With that in mind, here are

My Top Five Reasons Why I Think You Should Book a Family Holiday in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca:

1. Beautiful beaches - Maybe an obvious first choice because yes you get beaches wherever you choose to go on holiday but many of them require you to either walk some distance or even jump on a bus to reach your destination. At Santa Ponsa the beach is literally on your doorstep and it seems to go on for miles. With all the usual ammenities available when there like sun-beds, pedalos and showers for cleaning off. It's perfect for families and couples. Whether you are one to lay in the sun, jump in the sea for a swim or play in the sand, you'll definitely find yourself comfortable here. We often chose to walk round late afternoon/early evening time, slightly quieter and a little cooler too. 



2. Incredible views - Wherever you decide to spend your summers I'm sure you will see some amazing sights but I think my photographs will speak for themselves when it comes to reasons why these sights really are some of the best. Whether you are sat on the beach soaking up the sun, relaxing with a spectacular cocktail in one of their many bars or wandering around the many lively streets, there is never a lack of visuals. One of the best views can be found if you make the effort to walk up Santa Ponsa's seemingly famous 600 steps. These stairs when walked up will give you the best reward when you look out upon the shops, restaurants and beaches below.




3. Hidden treasures - The last time we holidayed in Santa Ponsa we spent most of our time around the pool, not wishing to step away from the comfort of our hotel but this time we were eager to see more of what this little town had to offer. There are many buses going through the town at any moment which will take you further afield but we chose to see where our legs would take us. As well as more inviting bars, shops and restaurants, if you walk a small distance further you will find things like a Jungle Parc which is a version of what we call Go Ape over here. And the best non-secret we found was a gorgeous cove, tucked away in a corner. It was more like a private beach that allowed for a little more peace and quiet.


4. Water Park - The Western Waterpark is technically just outside of Santa Ponsa but when it's only a ten minute bus ride away (which is free), I really had to include it in my top five. If you fancy a good old family day out then this is definitely where you need to go. With a mix of slides and swimming pools for all ages, as well as areas for sunbathing, plenty of food and drink available and the option to have some fun photos taken, this is a place that offers hours upon hours of entertainment. And even better if you only have small budget, then you're in luck because prices are really reasonable. It cost us 154 euros for a family of six when booked through of hotel. That gave us entry to the park, fast passes for all the slides, 2 sun-beds and a drink and small gift for each of the kids too.


5. Stunning sunsets - Up until recently I always thought that the best sunsets I'd seen were when I was in Ibiza. Nothing could beat sitting by Cafe Mambo whilst watching the sun go down. But now I've changed my mind. Santa Ponsa really comes alive at night. With lots of little market stall set up along the main walk way, you get lost admiring all the arts and crafts, all of which are made better with the back-drop of the setting sun. As the hours tick by, it's surprising how the colours of the sky change but always remaining so clear, extremely photographic. They offer another chance to make the most of the beaches, sitting in the sand, sipping on cocktails whilst watching the day come to it's close.




And there we have it, just five reasons why I feel you should make Santa Ponsa, Majorca your next holiday destination. If you have any questions please do leave a comment below.


  1. You had me at BEACHES!!! Wow what a trip! #pocolo

  2. We visited Santa Ponsa on holiday this year too, we loved it and want to return again. We stayed at the Pirates Village hotel so didn't venture out much as my children just wanted to be in the pool non-stop. xx

  3. Sold! Haha such lovely photos. A real gem of a place and I wish I can go and experience what you have experience because it looks like you had so much fun =)


  4. Looks amazing! Lovely beaches - sounds like so much fun! #PoCoLo

  5. what I look for are big beaches, like the ones in your photo's, we went to Greece this August and the beaches were so small just packed with sun loungers. Thanks for linking up with #pocolo

  6. Those sunsets! Looks like a lovely place and a fab holiday - thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo


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