Tuesday 4 September 2018

SuperZings Series 2 - Rivals of Kaboom

Collectibles, they are everywhere, well they certainly are in my house anyway. Any mentions of something new to collect and my children are quick to inform me that they of course need to buy them instantly. Over the past couple of years they've chosen ones mainly aimed at girls but with films like The Avengers becoming more popular, super heroes are definitely on their radar so a collectible you may or may not of heard of, SuperZings, really appealed to my girls. 


These are unique in the sense that they aren't aimed at any one gender. They work for both boys and girls but some of you may already be asking just what are SuperZings and how am I just hearing about them now?

SuperZings are little superheroes and villains that all live in the town of Kaboom. Members of either gang have either vehicles or hide outs and the idea is that you are able to collect a ‘hero’ set and a ‘villain’ set who will then rival each other. There 80 characters in total to collect and this includes an extremely rare character under the name of ‘Professor K’, there is also two ultra-rare gold leaders, and  another six rare silver characters and twenty four 'SuperCrystal' just waiting to be found.

There are a wide range of varying products available with this second series and they include:

* Blind bags – 80p
* Super Jets (comes with 1 SuperZing) – £1.50
* Hideout (comes with 1 SuperZing) – £2.50
* Starter pack – £5
* Blister Pack – either 4 or 10 packs £5/£10


We were kindly sent a few of each for my girls to open and play with. I was pretty excited about opening them but my girls were even more eager, practically ripping the package out of the delivery mans hands before I even I had a chance to sign for them.

The kids were automatically taken with the little hide-outs. With rotating doors and colourful sticker decals, they are designed in a way that they can be stacked on top of one another. Quite simple but entertaining none-the-less. And with each hide-out coming with it's own SuperZing you're getting a lot for your pennies. And then there's the 'Super Jets' which can be used alongside them or played with on their own, a variety of motorbikes, boats, helicopters and quads, there are eight of these to collect in a load of different colours.


For a parent what I find immediately appealing about SuperZings is their price tag. With one blind bag costing a tiny 80p these are really affordable and perfect for families on a budget and perhaps kids who want to spend a bit of pocket money. This also makes it more possible to actually collect them all and from a parent point of view I don't mind parting with my small change for these.


The comic book which comes in the starter pack has a handy character list, as well as a great story which does a fab job of introducing the characters and setting the scene. It’s a unique addition and with comic books being popular right now too, it's something I'd like to see more of.

There's a great selection of other play-sets out there to play alongside the series i.e. the Police Station, Secret Lab and my favourite, he Kaboom Race Set. The ideas for gameplay with SuperZings seem endless. 


With so many to collect if you end up with any duplicates you can alway do a little 'swapsies' with friends at school. And dare I say it but . . . these would make for fantastic stocking fillers for Christmas so why not start collecting now.

You can head over to the SuperZings website for more information as well as lots of fun activities including videos and various downloads.

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