Monday 15 October 2018

Read With Me 2018 #41

Hello there and welcome to another weeks Read With Me. As always I thank everyone who continues to link up and share the book love. It really is appreciated not just by me but by all of you who join in each week.


Reading has been going well for my youngest two recently, both going up in reading levels at school and actually I've noticed their enthusiasm for reading increasing too. There was a time where reading at bed time stopped but now they are choosing to either read to me or read with me rather than me just reading stories to them. And of course the length of the books have increased significantly as well.

What I also love is that children have diverse tastes. They won't just read books that are deemed 'for girls'. I was recently sent a book from brilliant author Tom Palmer who alongside Rob Williams and Ben Wilsher are re-booting the classic, Roy of the Rovers.


Roy of the Rovers was originally a British comic strip which first made an appearance in 1954. I remember my dad being a fan of the comic so how wonderful to be able to share something with my daughters that their Grandpappy used to enjoy reading.


The new series kicks off with book one named Scouted. Now these days football isn't seen as just a 'boys' sport and I can see these books being a fantastic way to introduce the sport to the masses. With short punchy chapters and simple yet engaging black and white illustrations, these are books that I think will end up being timeless.

My 10 year old was actually loved taking part in her school's football club last year and the book has now inspired her younger sister to think about taking up the sport!

Talking of books, my favourite book post last week came from Story Snug with an oldie but a goodie, sharing storybook witches, just in time for Halloween.

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  1. Ella loves football and I reckon she would love these books.

  2. These books are obviously a bit too old for my two yet but I know kids at school who would love them!

  3. My daughter plays football but I've always shied away from suggesting football books to get, maybe I should try her with one!

  4. I haven't seen these books before but definitely ones to keep in mind for when my three are a bit bigger #Readwithme


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