Thursday 25 October 2018

Teamsterz Street Race Showdown Toy Review

Something my husband was always into when he was younger was fast cars. Well if I'm honest he still loves them and often reminisces about the cars he used to own and will show our daughters pictures and talk about how fast they used to go. So I'd say that it is no surprise that my girls are quite partial to a race car, they love playing Forza on their Xbox.  

Now imagine their delight when they received a surprise package recently containing the new Teamsterz Street Race Showdown!


"Your little racer will have endless fun with this Teamsterz Street Race Showdown Track set.

It features gravity fed two lane trackset with single loops, start line countdown and finish line gantry with winning lane detector & race time notification.Includes 5 die cast vehicles."

This is a toy suitable for children aged five and upwards. I won't put an upper limit on it because being honest, I've been having quite a bit of fun playing with this set alongside the kids.

Included in the box:

* Race track

* 5 Cars

* Race time detector

* Instruction manual

The instruction manual included is quite basic but the track is quite simple to set up so luckily this doesn't really matter. From a parent point of view I was just happy that there was no gluing and sticking involved. Everything simply slots together and the advantage to this is that it is just as easy to take apart again when you want to tidy it away.


Since putting it together my children have had many races and somehow they always manage to beat me!

What I will say is you need a big space to be able to play with the Street Race Showdown as the track itself even with the single loop is quite long. 


And another tip you need to have a couple of test runs to make sure that the starting point is just right. When we began we had a couple of incidents of the cars falling off the track before they made their way down.

With the detector at the finish line lets say things have got a little bit competitive in our house in recent weeks.


Priced at £29.99 the only real negative thing that I can say about this toy is that the batteries don't come included so if you are going to purchase it just remember to buy some AA batteries at the same time.

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  1. This looks like fun, I think my little boy would love something like this for xmas as he loves cars x


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