Friday 9 November 2018

Haircuts, Heating and Birthday Preparations #weeklyroundup

With November in full swing and Bonfire night done and dusted, it's time for me to start thinking about other events. Of course Christmas is at the front of my mind but before that I have birthday preparations. My eldest daughter will be turning thirteen at the end of this month, I'm not entirely sure how that's possible seen as it doesn't feel like five minutes ago that I was actually giving birth to her!

I've already bought and wrapped the majority of her presents because this year she's requested some presents and some money which I get as she likes to pick out her own things nowadays. And now it's on to thinking about her birthday cake because this year she's requested a cake in the shape of a llama, nothing too difficult, starts scrolling through Pinterest for ideas.

What has also turned up is the wetter weather and the colder temperatures and I'll admit, I finally gave in this week and put the heating on. The extra jumpers and blankets just weren't doing the trick anymore.

But now for what you've really come to read, my #weeklyroundup


My reading has slowed down a little with kids being back at school, me being back at work and the reading and homework slowly starting to build again. But I did manage to read a couple of books. 

One was from Netgalley, called The Stranger Diaries. This would have been perfect for people to read over Halloween but I'm sure it will still manage to come across as a tad spooky even now. 


And the other novel I read was one I'd heard a lot about and then my friend went and bought it so of course I had to borrow it. I Invited Her In by Adele Parks. Now I'll be honest, I was left rather disappointed by it. Just didn't come across how I thought it would.


I started watching another new show on Netflix. It's called Somewhere Between. Only ten episodes long, it's really got me hooked if not slightly confused too. Well worth checking out though.

And I finally got around to watching one of the programmes that's been talked about a lot this year, The Bodyguard. The husband is even watching it with me, no small feat. 


Ok, I'll admit it, I've been listening to Christmas music. A bit of Michael Buble, a smidgen of Pentatonix, I just couldn't help myself.


My second eldest and I had our hair cut last weekend, a significant cut as she had 10.5 inches chopped off and I had almost 13 inches taken away. Surprisingly, I've got used to it rather quickly and can't actually imagine growing my hair back long now.


We didn't waste that hair though. I swiftly sent it off to the Little Princess Trust. My daughter actually done the same thing last year as well so that's two donations they've had from her. It's so nice to be able to do something for a good cause.

I think the hair cut has made her look older than her ten years though, which is quite scary. But I always have hair envy with this one as it doesn't matter what style she has, she always manages to make it look good. My good hair days are few and far between.


Because of the drop in temperatures and the down-pouring of rain, not only did I have to put the heating on when inside, I also had to put on my winter coat when going outside, that and the scarf and hat also made an appearance. 

I'm not sure how I used to survive when I was younger going out in what I remember being next to nothing.

And lastly . . .

I just had to give Mini-U a mention. I was kindly gifted a gorgeous bundle of some of their new products. I was already a fan but they've made some great improvements that my kids and I were more than impressed with. One of those being the new sponges that spring into action when they pop out of the dissolving bath bombs. 

We've already decided that some of their friends will be getting these as little Christmas presents this year!!

How's your week been?

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