Friday 30 November 2018

Pantomimes and Christmas Cheer #weeklyroundup

Hey there readers. End of another week, in fact it's the end of November, are you ready for the count down to Christmas? Almost all of my Christmas decorations are up, just the tree to go but I promised my eldest that I'd wait until after her birthday which happens to be today. I am now officially a parent to a fully grown teenager! I'm not quite sure how that happened, honestly doesn't seem that long ago when I was in the hospital giving birth to her.

It's been a week of birthday preparation. Wrapping presents, writing cards and attempts to make a llama cake as requested by my daughter. Look out for that picture later on in the post. It's actually the first year where my eldest has been relatively excited about her birthday, normally she isn't fussed by it and much prefers for me people to not make a big deal about it so it's been nice watching her counting down to the big day for a change. 


The weather has been particularly awful with lots of cold winds and pouring rain, it's made me want to hibernate and not come out until Spring. This means it's been the perfect climate for snuggling up under a blanket to read a good book. . . . Shame I haven't had time to actually sit down and read one this week.

I did however get a big delivery of books ready for my mum to wrap up for me as her gift to me for Christmas. 

Now I may not have read books myself but my youngest daughter has been reading books to me every evening and yes a Christmas book or five may have found their way into the reading pile, no complaints from me.


The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix.


If you haven't watched it yet then I really think you should. This is what Christmas films should be like. A great mix of emotional and funny, appealing to the whole family.

Lots of hilarious one liners and as an adult the ending will have you going aaaaaaaaa.

It's a real classic in the making.


I heard the classic sounds of the pantomime . . . Oh no you didn't - Oh yes I did. 

I was lucky enough to go with the girls' school, it's a yearly tradition and it's so much fun for both the children and the adults. It's a great way to begin the festive season and definitely spreads a bit of cheer, you can't leave the panto without a smile on your face. 

This year it was Cinderella and it was wonderfully entertaining.


As mentioned at the beginning of the post I made a valiant attempt at making a llama cake. It's not quite Pinterest ready but in my opinion it's OK. I mean the kids already tried the off cuts of cake so at least I know that it tastes nice and I think if I asked people what it was they'd be able to tell me that it is in fact a llama. 


And I mean homemade is best right, it's the thought the counts and all that jazz.


All the Christmas clothes have started to make an appearance. The xmas pjs that I have been wearing to bed and I mean I just had to put on a Christmas t-shirt when I went to the pantomime. And I will be wearing my most festive hat when I put up the rest of my decorations tomorrow :)

And lastly . . .

Did I mention I'll be putting my Christmas tree up this weekend?

We'll also be heading out to let the eldest spend her birthday money. I'm pretty sure the majority will be going on books and stationery. 

And then because it's pay day today, we'll be heading out for our monthly meal out at a restaurant, suggestions on where to eat in Kent would be appreciated.

Have a great weekend eveyone.

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