Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Thunder Pug Book Review

My girls would really love to have a pet dog but unfortunately with work commitments, money etc, so far their dream hasn't come true. So to help with this problem, I've tried to find replacements in the forms of cute, cuddly toys and different books. 

The latest story to grab their interest is Thunder Pug by Kim Norman. And let me tell you if dogs came as cute as this one I might be persuaded to get one ...


Percy the pug and Petunia the pig love doing almost everything together . . . until Petunia wins a blue ribbon at the county fair. Suddenly, she's too busy to play anymore. So when lonely Percy finds a faded comic book, he takes on a new identity: THUNDER PUG!

He's great at helping other animals out of sticky situations, but it turns out that being a superhero by yourself is not always easy.

Will Percy find a trusty sidekick to join his heroic team?

This story is a wonderfully, charming tale from the get go.

The front cover features an oh so adorable Thunder Pug complete with a cape, who is ready and raring to save the day.

It instantly made me think aaaaaaaaaa.

At the beginning we are introduced to Percy the pug and Petunia the pig. And unlikely duo, who happen to be the best of friends.

What this book teaches us immediately is that it doesn't matter what you look like, you can be friends with anyone.

Percy and Petunia already know this little piece of knowledge.

Carving trails through lanky weeds, puffin dandelion seeds, playing twilight hide and seek, lapping puddles cheek to cheek.

These cheeky animals enjoy doing the same things especially when in each other's company so how might one of this pair react when they aren't included in the same activity?

I'll tell you, poor Percy felt left out. A feeling not unknown by many people, both children and adults alike.

So what to do when in this situation? 

Make your own fun of course.

Cue Thunder Pug!

Thunder Pug to the rescue!

Now as great as it is to be a hero, we all know that every hero needs a sidekick and who better to lend Thunder Pug a helping hoof than Pink Lightning, better known to you and I as Petunia the pig. 


And guess what . . . they make the perfect team.

Thunder Pug is a story that is filled with so many moments. Teaching it's readers about teamwork,  about helping others, about sharing and also about the need for independence.

The heroic life can be satisfying indeed . . . when you're side by sidekick.

This book is absolutely thunderful. An utter delight to read, I guarantee it will put a smile on your face.

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