Wednesday 20 February 2019

Ellie and the Cat Book Review

It's been a while since I've had the privilege of reviewing a super, readable book from those lovely people at Barrington Stoke but this month I'm really pleased to share with a new release from author Malorie Blackman. She's back with Ellie and the Cat.


Ellie's bad behaviour is driving Grandma mad! It's time to teach her a lesson she'll never forget . . . by swapping Ellie's body with Jolly the Cat.

There's only one way for Ellie to break Grandma's curse, and time is running out. Can she change her ways and find some friends to lend a hand? Or will Ellie be trapped as a cat forever?

This book is aimed at children aged 8+ and is great transition into chapter books with it's short, entertaining chapters. Now although it says aged 8+, my 6 year old is an advanced reader so she chose to read this to me as our bed time reading. What we actually do is read together, alternating pages as we go.

So before I share my thoughts here's a couple of sentences from my daughter on how she found Ellie and the Cat;

I really liked Ellie and the Cat. Ellie was rude at the start so I thought it was funny when her Grandma swapped her with the cat.

I also liked all of the pictures in the book.

Ellie did well saving the mice, they were really cute. 

I'm going to read this book again by myself.

The story revolves around a girl called Ellie, who when we meet her is rather spoilt and extremely rude to everyone. However she doesn't realise that when she is left with her Grandma when her dad is away for work that she's actually met her match.

Her Grandma has a keen eye and soon spots just how devious young Ellie can be, especially towards her pet cat Jolly. This of course mean that she needs to teach Ellie a thing or two about manners and just how to behave.

And she does it in a rather extraordinary, magical way. She somehow manages to switch Ellie's body with Jolly the cat's body.


Now Ellie has a few decisions to make if she wants to return to her own body. She meets a few animal characters in the shape of mice and spiders. They kindly show her what being a  good friend looks like. 

This a great book for young children, with themes of friendship and behaviour throughout, children will learn that their actions have consequences and to start thinking of others. It goes to show that being mischievous or selfish won't help you in the long run. a 

Ellie and the Cat is both funny and thought provoking, filled with a little bit of magic and a lot of lesson to be learnt.

Highly recommended.


  1. Sounds an entertaining read with a message. And I wish I could get my older two to write as good a book review as your 6 year old. I'm lucky to get one sentence off mine

  2. This book looks lovely. As much as I love seeing my children becoming young adults, I miss the days of reading picture books in bed at night.

  3. This sounds like a good one for my niece. I didn't know that Malorie Blackman wrote books for very young children.


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