Wednesday 27 March 2019

Plant, Sow, Make & Grow Book Review

Spring should be starting to spring (get it) and that means that a lot of people will be making their way back outdoors, into their glorious gardens and making the most of what the outside world has to offer us.

Plant, Sow, Make & Grow is therefore the ideal book review for me to offer you guys this week. It is an illustrated and approachable introduction for little ones to the ideas of garden.


Get little gardeners growing with this low-stress approach to producing yummy fruit, veggies and bug friendly flowers. You'll find plenty of handy gardening information to get you started plus tips about what wildlife you may see, riding your recycling box to make some useful gardening accessories and other craft activities. 

So grab some seeds and have a go!

This is the perfect book if you yourself are rather green fingered and would very much like your curious children to be able to kindly help out beside you.

A book to get people gardening!

The book is split into sections using the seasons of the year and the introductory pages do a good job of letting you know the exact tools that you may need for varying projects and provides tremendous detail on how to plan things out. I like to be organised so this was a big plus for me.

For each activity, which there are thirty eight of all together, extra tips, short cuts and tricks are provided. What this does is make every project accessible for all ages, young and old.

Every venture is an opportunity to learn. From the types of tools needed, what might grown, how long it could take and what's needed to care for your produce, as well as looking at the type of wildlife your projects could attract.


Be at one with nature.

Plant, Sow, Make & Grow is a fantastic interactive book that allows for knowledge to be absorbed as you have fun, providing time for family (and/or friends) to spend together as well as the rewards and satisfying feelings that will come from making fruit and veg of your own.

I think this is a book that would be of great benefit in schools in all classes, perhaps encouraging the beginnings of a gardening club or giving teachers the tools to encourage their pupils to learn more about the environment outside, recycling and the effects of things like gardening could have for that.


The projects within aren't overly complicated and most are relatively cheap making them affordable for anyone who'd like to give them a go.

Grab some seeds and have a go!


  1. This looks absolutely lovely, and yes, I can see it being perfect for a gardening club x

  2. My kids are definitely not into gardening, but I've been trying to grow some seeds myself with very little success, so maybe this is the level of read I need myself

  3. This sounds useful for adults as well as kids! My nephew loves gardening and is growing vegetables, he's only 4! Personally I'd just like some help with the weeding.

  4. KayCee and Ella used to love growing things, they even started growing plants to sell using the free seeds I get from the gardening magazines.
    They they grew up a bit more and now the only time you see them in the garden is when the pool is full of water!


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