Friday 15 March 2019

Twisty Petz Series 2 Toy Review

Twisty Petz are a relatively new collectable that cleverly transform from a cute pet into a shiny, glamorous bracelet with a simple pull, a twist or two later and your little ones can magically bring their adorable pets back to life. My girls were instantly taken with them when the original collection was initially release and now they're already back with a series 2, which the children are already desperate to collect!


Spinmaster kindly sent a selection of the new series (free of charge) for my daughters to have fun with so that I could provide you with this review.

Twist'em! Wear'em! Take'em everywhere you go!

An affordable, pocket money toy. Twisty Petz offer two things in one, an interactive, small toy as well as a beautiful piece of jewellery. Aimed at children from the age of four and upwards, these colourful, glittery pets are a great accessory.


Featuring shimmering gem details and sparkling finishes, these stylishly, bling accessories will make for the perfect fashion statement as not only can they be untwisted to make funky beaded bracelets, you can get creative, twisting various pets together to make necklaces or bag charms too.

There are over 60 Twisty Petz series 2 characters and 24 Twisty Petz babies to collect, each coming in various combos including: single packs, triple packs (which include one surprise Twisty Petz character), and packs of four Twisty Petz Babies. Just imagine how many different combinations you can generate. 


There are so many Twisty Petz to collect!

New to the range are Twist Petz Babies. These are mini, sweet characters and come in a range of animals such as puppies, kittens, koalas, ponies, polar bears and unicorns, and in each pack you get two pairs. 


Each set comes complete with a clip-on plastic charm and a glitzy pot to keep your Twisty Petz Babies safe in.

Transform animals into bracelets with a simple pull!

So just how do you 'transform' your Twisty Petz? It's honestly as easy as 1, 2, 3. To change them from a pet to your chosen accessory, bracelet, pull the head and the tail gently apart (this untwists the animal into a string of beads), then to create a loop place the tail into the hole in the head and simply push it in. 



It may seems obvious but because the Twisty Petz Babies are so much smaller than their original counterparts, to design a bracelet large enough to fit your child's wrist, you will need at least two Twisty Petz Babies connected together where as the original version you can create a bracelet with just one pet.


If you want to put the jewellery back into pet form, (being gentle) pull the tail out of the head, grasp the pair of matching beads which make up the legs and twist them several times. Repeat for the second pair of legs and within moments you'll have your Twisty Pet back ready to play.

Simply twist your bracelet back to your pet friend to bring your Twisty Pet back to life! 

These charming collectables have become a firm favourite in my house, especially for the six and nine year olds. Being able to make Twist Petz into jewellery means that they are easily transportable and make for ideal entertainment on the go. And of course they want to collect them all, including all the rare and special edition ones that they are eager to discover.


The beading is on elasticated string so they can fit any wrist size (including mine), perfect for sharing with siblings and friends.

The only thing I will say is that the Twist Petz Babies are slightly fiddlier so you may need to lend a helping hand when trying to shape them.

Twisty Petz from Spinmaster cost as little as £4.99 for single packs, £12.99 for three packs (with one mystery pet) and £9.99 for Twisty Petz Babies. Twisty Petz can be bought from national retailers or via Amazon.

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