Friday 8 March 2019

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Now I know what you're thinking. We're headed towards the middle of March already, why am I sharing my Winter wardrobe essentials now?

Well can I be honest with you guys?

I don't really think we have seasons as such anymore, you've only got to look back at the weather in recent weeks. One minute we're having days filled with glorious sunshine, a fool's spring if you will and the next Storm Freya is blowing our way and we have horrible rain, wind and plummeting temperatures again.

It actually popped up on my Facebook memories last week that this time last year we even had snow!

So whilst I've titled this post Winter wardrobe essentials, what I actually mean is essentials that you can pick up whenever the need arises. For this post I have teamed up with Fashion World who have kindly sent me some of the pieces which I'm about to showcase.

Now I could provide you with a long list of fashionable pieces which would all serve their purpose but for now I'm going to tell you my top five and also share with you my own personal favourites to wear right now.



A good pair of jeans can be the start of any outfit. Pair them with trainers for a casual look during the day or team them up with a great pair of heels and a leather jacket for the perfect night out look. I tend to go for skinny or straight leg but we've all got that one pair of jeans that we all reach for haven't we.



I am obsessed with jumpers right now, I prefer to team them up with a midi skirt and ankle boots when at work or trainers at the weekend. Layer up with a shirt for a more formal look. My favourite right now is a bargain jumper that I purchased as pictured below.



Talking of boots, I fell in love with a pair of ankle boots from Fashion World. Perfect with a dress and a thick pair of tights! I'm also partial to a good over the knee boot but just like the little black dress, the little black boot is an all year essential too.

Statement coat


Colder temperatures require the best outerwear so a statement coat is a necessity to add that splash of colour to a neutral or perhaps all black outfit underneath that people around you might not necessarily get to see the full effect of. 



Now I'm not talking just any old scarf. Because lets be honest the winter season requires many layers and how better to layer up than with a scarf that could almost double up as a blanket. I like to wear mine drapped around my shoulders and I tend to keep it on long after the coat has come off. It's also another great way to add colour to an outfit!

What are your must have winter wardrobe essentials? 

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